WAR O F WIZARDS Artificial Intelligence Information

Introduction to WOW AI

When ever a player drops out from a game or special computer charaters are setup within WOW it is the WoW AI (Artificial Intelligence) module takes control of that positions actions. The artificial intelligence is coverned by a set of algorithms, rules and random triggers. This web page describes the basics mechanisms in place to simulate this artificial intelligence.

AI Processing Sequence

This section describes the sequence by which the system AI module carries out is various processing steps. For each major processing step that has further information a link will be included to the documentation available.


If there are any questions about the AI module please do not hesitate to contact WoW Games Admin WoW Admin


These are the current ideas and thoughts that have been suggested we incorporate into the AI engine.

# The MAJOR GLYTCH in the AI means that production is not maximised as
detailed below:

SHIRE       Producing   Total Population
637,5       All that can      building and recruiting if not producing
637,1       95          508
637,2       95          503
637,3       All that can
637,4       50          513
226,1       93          497
226,2       90          477
309,3       All that can
752,1       All that can      [taken this turn]
752,2       All that can      [taken this turn]
752,3       101         537
752,4       95          502
752,5       All that can      [taken this turn]

This deprives the realm of 2918 peasants' production.

Hopefully a relatively easy one to fix?.

As my last notes, might I suggest that the Two key parameters in the
resources are Food and Gold with others only required to build and to
maintain units beyond the basic ones.
So the algorithm should look to maximise food production [using PRODUCE FOD
only] and gold income to (say) cover outgoings plus a percentage to build
the stockpile [TAX levels discussed later] and then look to each shire not
already set, and produce 100% the primary resource just as it does on
controlling a shire. If two or more resources are equal (F:3 W:3) then
divide the population equally PRODUCE FOD (50%) PRODUCE WOD (50%). This
will maximise the available production.

# This turn was particularly good in that the AI killed a Giant Scorpion
and took control of 4 new shires, it looks like this was achieved because
the wandering monsters moved out of the way. The Move order remains a
stumbling block to active expansion as the presence of a lone unit will
stop the advance of a much larger force. Whether it would be right to set
all moves to ATTACK is debatable, but I would prefer it to the current MOVE

# AI (2) could actually break to the surface when turn 11 runs, since 752,1
has a link to 646,1 and the roll-out could go there. This is where the AI
improvements are such a fantastic step forward.

Possibly compromised by the glytch above, the AI set 6 of the 9 shires to
FEED 5 and effectively trashed the food stockpile. There were no
inbetweens, either FEED 1 or FEED 5. A valuable tool, it needs to be used
in a targetted fashion. In this game, I have used it extensively on the
Arctic region where starting populations are in the low 20's - the cost is
minimal until the population grows. In game 262, my Sand People are
benefitting because FEED 5 only costs 2.5 food units. Halflngs and
Icelanders benefit to a lesser extent. The use of FEED 5 (or 3/4) needs to
have a purpose within a strategy, and that is very hard to define in AI
terms. Because of the +0.9 morale, it is very useful to drive up morale,
especially when combined with TAX N, or it can facilitate TAX H before the
morale buildings are built.

There are shires with morale 4.35 that are moving from TAX L to TAX M when
the better step is to have TAX N and raise the morale to 5.00 ready for TAX
H next turn. This is a very subjective area and each player will have their
own views. There are shires with TAX N going to TAX L where the morale of
2.88 does not warrant this at all.
Maybe the algorithm could say "Condition A: All factors allowed for (FEED
rate, TAV etc) what Tax rate will increase the morale or maintain it at
5.00, start at TAX H and work down by level until condition A is true" -
then calculate the realm revenue. IF the realm stockpile rises after
expenditure (Condition B) then that is the tax rate to apply. IF it does
not, then repeat for each shire dropping the tax rate 1 level until
condition B is true." Relatively simple but recursive code can hog CPU and
take ages.

The stream of recruiting is good for having a defencive capability and not
being a simple roll-up victim, BUT it damages the population and where
mecenaries are offered e.g. 15 HBO last turn. these are far preferable to
loss of population.

# Could there not be some self-limiting factor e.g. maximum units per shire
owned, to stop the crippling of the city population, but allowing for
reinforcing to the edges of the realm?.

A very difficult proposition because the how, what and why of caravan
trades will vary with every player. Simple ideas like "have loads of it -
SELL it" are obvious ones, and "Got none - BUY it" equally so, but the kind
of co-trade deals that players make would be frightful to code. No caravan
this turn so no problem there!.

# this report offers a caravan, it would be useful to see if any simple
trade algorithm could be applied, if the offer remains on the re-run?

Mercenaries & Heroes
This turn there are 36 DSO and 28 THU on offer but far too few funds to
hire both - I would go for the 28 THU personally, and forget any
recruitment but how does the AI work it out?. I have no clear idea really.
The heroes have been on offer aplenty, but which one and to what end?.
Since magic and hero spells is problematic, the only reason is for
leadership in battle?.
Previously said about no espionage heroes, but the Diplomat on offer is
less preferable to me than the THU, in this AI's case. In my playing style
I tend to hire anything that is offered, if I can afford it..

The concensus on the building list was fairly targetted and so the
buildings ar enot an issue, but the quantity of resources built is a real
topic of debate. With 569 peasants in the city, recruiting 113 is not
advisable, (see above) especially when there are already 411 in existence!.
To then only build 170 onto the CHR is a weakness as it will take over 4
turns to finish, when the benefit in morale i s needed asap to get morale
up across the realm and thereby maximise the revenue stream.

# Really approve of the fact that the AI orders for turn 11 included a
BUILD TOW in the central shire it took, an excellent improvement.

With 72 RP's the AI is wasting opportunity - if gems were aplenty, I would
go for Summoning and then summon Sprites to bolster the defences/attacks.
The other logic would be to go for Scorcery and Will to get MBL and then to
give it to wizard (SPELL 0 MBL 1 1) and any heroes that might be hired.