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WAR O FWIZARDS Resource Calculator

War of Wizards - Resource Calculator Utility.


Excel 97 spreadsheet which can calculate your incoming and outgoing resources on shire and region basis including Tax Rates, Feed Rates, default production, seasonal changes, regional and global modifiers, racial effects, Bless Crop and Builder support (incl. Master Builder option). This way it helps you to plan your next turn more easily. IMPORTANT: You should have Excel experience when using this tool.


I never was a great programmer but I didn't wanted to calculate everything per hand each turn and in each game. Thus, I created this Excel97 spreadsheet utility. And I can say that if used properly it speeds up making orders considerably. Once you have unpacked the .exe file you should have a .txt and and two .xls files. Start the Excel 97 and load the Example.xls file. Now you should alter the scaling value of each subfolder so that the colored parts of each subfolder fits onto your screen (I designed it at a resolution of 1024x768). I had no time to create a complete manual but if you move your cursor upon some 'squares' which have a red corner in the top right you will get a short explanation sometimes. You also need some excel knowledge to work with the spreadsheet. Look through the Example file and try to work into it. The Example should be able to answer most of your questions. If you think that you understood everything you can create a file with your own personal data using the blank wowcs???.xls file. Note that also the wowcs???.xls file will not do all the work for you. You still have to type in lots of data each turn into squares that have a green background or which have blue letters (e.g. newest morale values, peasant numbers and once the resource values of each shire). Most other options can be changed with the help of pull down menus. Also, if you are a newbie you might have some problems with certain parts of the spreadsheet (e.g. the Bless Crop option or the Master Builder option might cause some problems). But once you understood it, gained some experience and worked into the details of the spreadsheet it surely will safe you lots of time and will make your calculations much more efficient.

But please always keep in mind that it is just a utility from one WoW player for another, no professional tool from WOW Games. I playtested it lots of turns and think it is bug free.

I hope you enjoy it ;-)

P.S.: Feel free to send comments or questions to: matthias.frost@uni-essen.de

This utility was created by Matthias Frost - feel free to send comments or questions to Matthias.

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