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Picture of me, summer 2002.


This page is about me and my affairs with WoW. You can see me in the picture above after I conquered the Roman city of Pompei in Italy (on the background). It was a brutal fight versus spearmen. Fortunately they have no great offense stats so I had no hard time defending myself. Even though I am no initial designer or programmer of the WoW 2.0 engine, I have helped Chris and Harry, the fathers of WoW, with developing new stuff for WoW, especially new worlds, new special places and new races. When both Chris and Harry graduated (who could believe that!) I took over more of the daily matters as both Chris and Harry both ended their divine life as a student. Since then I have taken over more and more of the daily matters of WoW so that Chris and Harry can devote their time to developing WoW 3.0 which will certainly be a grand game if Harry's design gets implemented as it is!


Well, what can I tell about myself. My life is still pretty short compared to most WoW players and moderators. Over the last three or four years I have designed new elements of the WoW engine. About 40% of the world are designed by me as well as many of the special places and new races (Ogres, Wood Elves and Chaos). I have developed several pages on the WoW Site and an (not very-well working) battle simulator to simulate wars. It has allready been around 4 years ago that I developed the simulator and it was my first serious c++ project. Before that time I used to playtest WoW 2.0 quite avidly. I played around 5 playtest games when the WoW 2.0 engine was just developed.

In real life I am currently 21 years old, and studying Computational Economics (graduating in the field of computational finance) and Econometrics at the university of Rotterdam in Holland. I have been working for several ICT companies in Holland and did some ICT projects on my own. Furthermore I am quite a sports freak, playing badminton and squash about four times a week. With the nights that I spend on WoW and coffee I have to stay in shape a little bit!

My interest for programming started on my 14th year when I was probably the youngest player of WoW ever. (except for the daughter of the well known Kemp family that is!). I had to make news every week to gain extra resources and the amounts increased when html tags were used in the news. Hence I simply had to learn html to keep up with my opponents. And the step from a simple markup language to a normal programming language did not prove to be so difficult. With Chris as a guide I started to learn programming on my 16th year, starting with c++, which seemed to be Chris' native language! Until my 18th I refined my c++ skills and started with other languages, methods and protocols when I started to work as a programmer for a major ICT company in Holland on my 18th.

Picture of me doing a morning ritual
This is me doing a morning ritual on a camping site in france, 2002


Well what are my main interests?


Most of my WoW history is explained above allready. I haven't had to go through all the troubles of the early stages of WoW and there is no date that I officially joined the WoW team (around a year ago probably). I currently manage the second tournament of WoW and fix minor problems that players have with their accounts (or their opponents..!). The game is fully automated and only needs some monitoring, which is done by all three of us at the moment. (although I constantly press Chris to work on WoW 3.0 and leave the monitoring to me!). I live pretty far away from Chris and Harry but that does not give many problems. Sometimes I have to wake Chris in his night when I bugged up something inside the system, but that is obviously not my problem!

I have met with Harry once in real life (in Rotterdam), and it was kind of funny to finally meet someone with whom you've talked so many hours via the internet. It was actually my first real life experience with an Australian guy and I have to agree that he is truly easy-going, as would be expected of an Australian. I finally learned how to pronounce "WoW". In Dutch/German it would be something like "Waaaaauw"! And Harry also enlightened me on his Australian college life and his affairs with women (which are pretty numerous!).

What the future will bring is yet uncertain. Most efforts put into WoW are on a voluntary basis and are depending on our free time. I may design some new worlds for WoW 2.0 or develop some parts of the WoW 3.0 engine, only time will tell. My only real wish is to meet with Chris one day, play a game of squash and talk about his college life, which was as Harry told me "not so glorious as mine hehehe". It is yet unknown how Harry defines "glorious" in this context.

If you are interested in the history of WoW before I joined the team, you should check out Chris' or Harry's personal page.


The place where I play spades: http://games.yahoo.com (my ID is grimnir02,and can usually be found at King's Quarter in the expert game room)
The official Cranberries site: http://www.cranberries.ie
A great HoMM fansite: http://dynamic3.gamespy.com/~homm (my ID is Arturius)

You can contact korneel at korneel@wow.pbemgame.com.

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