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WAR O FWIZARDS News Moderating Information

Moderation Information. When moderating news there are a few thing to take note of. First of all the current news guidlines. (Copy of these is below.). If a player breaches those news guidelines then a warning should be given. If they repeat the offence then you should decrease their news reward. You can also give players extra rewards if they deserve it. Read the FAQ and syntax below for more information on what to do and when.

Current News Guidelines.

Moderation Command Syntax
This is to send in news moderation commands by the moderators. Moderators can moderate and make changes to the last three turns worth of news. Though this will only be necessary when resolving issues with players previous news.

#WOW MODERATE <game number> <moderator password> <turn number> <player number> <MAX100P|MAX80P|MAX50P|MAX20P|MAX|DOUBLE|BONUS|FULL|TWOTHIRDS|HALF|THIRD|NONE>

(Moderators Reason For Change.)


eg. #WOW MODERATE 5 bonewhistle 13 12 MAX
An exceptional article.

FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions Here are the answers to a number of frequently asked questions.

You can contact Chris at chris@wow.pbemgame.com if you have any questions about news moderation.

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