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Updated January 25th 2003.

Many of you will have questions about all sorts of different topics, regarding WOW. At all stages of your game playing. What we would like to try and do is to give you the opportunity to ask those questions of other players, who have experience, and also enjoy playing the game. These players have volunteered their time, to attempt to answer your questions.

Admittedly, one of the biggest reasons for setting this facility up, is to slightly reduce Chris' and Harry's workload so that they can spend more time on development, to make this a much better game for all. Remember that all design and development ideas can always be sent to us at any stage.

Below you will find a brief profile of the players who have offered their help. Just a couple of quick points to note first;

Who can you ask.?

These are the players that can be contacted. Chris' and Harry's details are included at the bottom, in case ther is no one on the list that you feel might be able to help.

Jeff Neufeld

Jeff is a very experienced player, and has put a lot of time and effort into WoW. He has created the FAQ/General Info Site.

Jeff has offered to help out new players with writing their first sets of orders, and answer general questions regarding the games, orders, and has enough knowledge of WoW to answer just about any question that comes along.

You can contact Jeff at neufeldj@tp.ac.sg.

Korneel Duyvesteyn

Korneel is an avid WoW player and world designer. He has played in games 5, 11, 12 and 14 while also designing the maps for games 16 and 33. He is a regular participant in the WDG and has put together several record pages. He is happy to answer any questions that people may have. You can contact Korneel at korneel@wow.pbemgame.com

David Harris (Harry)

Harry is the Co-Designer and Developer of WOW and came up with the original design and concept quite a few years ago now. A lot has changed since the first design, it has always been for the better.

Harry maintains the rules, incorporating all all new changes into them as soon as they arise. So any questions about the rules or syntax can be directed to him.

Harry also creates all the worlds of WOW. His creative talent in this area seems to be boundless. Before finishing one world he has half a design done for the next one. Creating each world takes months to complete. So if you have any questions about the worlds that you play in during the course of your playing, then these should be directed to Harry.

Harry has access to the Signup database. So if you forget your login or password then you can ask nicely and he can look it up for you.

Harry maintains a lot of the Web pages, so if you have any questions or problems with them you can contact him about the problem at any time.

Harry will also answer any other questions that come along.

You can contact Harry at harry@wow.pbemgame.com.

Chris Horn

Chris is the Co-Designer, and Programmer of WOW. Harry told me about his original design and I offered to program it. It was very basic at first, but everything must have a beginning. A few years later, this is what you now have.

Chris is the person to ask, if no one else can answer your question. He is the one who has programmed the way WOW works and will know what has to be done to get it to work. As a result he is also the person to contact if it doesn't work the way it is expected to.

If you find spelling mistakes, report layout problems, or anything else that you just don't like about WOW, then contact Chris and he will see what can be done to fix them, or at least explain why it is so.

Chris is also the person to contact with any questions about the signup program, as he can access the database and make any changes that are necessary.

Also contact Chris if you wish to make yourself available as a replacement player for any players that drop out of particular games.

Chris is the person who sends out all the general messages and weekly reports.

You can contact Chris at chris@wow.pbemgame.com.

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