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Rankings Heading.


If any player has a 'WoW' sign beside their number, it means that that player has not sent in orders for at least 3 turns. In the future, they will have orders automatically generated for them by the computer AI (Artificial Intelligence). This is to ensure that the surrounding neighbours of the missing wizard do not gain an unfair advantage by not having a neighbour, easily conquering the missing player and hence unfairly building up their power base.


The ranking related columns on the Player Rankings table are rated according to the related score that you find on your turn report. When two players have the same score, one is picked at random to be higher than the other. The different types of ranking categories are discussed below.
NOTE: During the early parts of the game, many players will have the same score. All of those that do have the same score are placed in random order. Hence, rankings do not indicate a player's true position during the early parts of the game.


For all the rankings tables except the two sorted by player number and empire ranking there is colour associated with each player within a ranking class.
In these tables the colours have the folowing meanings.

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