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WAR O FWIZARDS Battle Simulator

War of Wizards - Battle Simulator Utility.


A C++ program that can run battles between two wizards and their armies. With this version, you can only run battles between units, and special boni, like land boni and defender boni are not taken into account. However, you can manually add stats to units which are in a heroes army or have a defender bonus, so you can virtually run any fight, even though it may take some time. Only spells will be hard to add manually I think ;)
The program is not perfectly stable yet, so it may crash sometimes. Please read "readme.txt" for more info.
IMPORTANT: You don't need to have any experience with any program to be able to use this program.


Are you getting annoyed by the fact that you don't know the stats of those irritating trolls, or those flying dragon kings? With this simulator, you can rerun the battles from your report and change the stats of those units until the generated report matches the one in your report. Are you also doubting about whether these castle level 5 units are really worth the effort? Why not run a battle between 5000 Plainsmen Commoners and 100 Black Dragons? Also, you can predict which troops are best when facing a foe and in which amounts. This way you can have the best army at the lowest cost when your enemy attacks.

It is unlikely that this program is fully bug free allready. As allready mentioned it is not completely stable yet, but I am working on that. If you find an ordinary bug, please contact me immediately.

See you on the battle field!

This utility was created by Korneel Duyvesteyn - feel free to send comments or questions to Korneel.

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