War of Wizards - Copyright WoW Games 1996-2005

War of Wizards - User Interface.

Contained at the link below is the Latest version of the WOW Game - User Interface. Currently it works only as a basic map editor, many more features are planned. Also you may be able to give me feedback as to its development over the months. 3rd May 1999 was the latest update. Keep Checking Regularly for updates. It has been written for the Win 95 Platform. Remember to read the readme file for instructions on use.

NOTE: The program has been crashing on a few computers with language setups that are not english or with computers that have number formats involving commas instead of decimals points as the decimal delimeter. Hope that makes sense, anyway if you have problems with "conversion error" appearing discontinue use. I will try and address the problem when time permitts, I will let everyone know when there is a new update available. - Chris.

Unzip and run the setup program. Then read the readme.txt file contained. The download is near 1MB in Size.

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