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Andoria - Round 1

Andoria Round 1
Andoria Round 2
Andoria Round 3

Hail Great Warlords!!

The Emperor Bedalius of the Gnomes has announced a new tournament to be held! The old Gnome can't run the empire anymore and wishes to seek a new leader for his Gnomish people. He announced that candidates from any race can compete for this position. The candidate should be strong and dedicated, but more importantly he or she has to be a good leader and general for the people. Candidates will be tested on their skills on economics, military, magical and diplomatic skills. Only the best lord will be allowed to take the throne!

In each round teams of 2 candidates will fight each other on remote isles in the faraway ocean of Andoria, land of the Gnomes. These isles are inhabited but Gnomes and Halflings, but rumours say deep below the surface of the world other creatures dwell, willing to support the leader who offers highest prices.

Each candidate will be sent out to the isles with a force of 50 militia to start their campaign and a large sack of gold. Also, the magic treasury will be opened and each candidate will receive some valued artifacts.


The fascinating Gnomish cities often appear to be technological feats. Examples of cities appearing to hang off the edge of a sheer cliff wall with a strange array of cables and struts supporting their structure may be found in many lands. The back of their castles often extend back into caves and tunnels where the remainder of the cities population reside. Deep within the labyrinth of caves lie many inventors' workshops. From these areas come contraptions that will both amaze and bemuse. Although the practicality of many of these inventions may be questioned the gnomes' creativeness is one quality that makes them such a strong race.

BOMBANDARIC - The glowing forrested hills of Bombandaric contains the ancient Gnome city of Bombandaric. The Gnomes live a peacefull life here with lots of beef and eggs and didn't like the decision that the grand tournament will be started here and that one competitor will lead them to victory or to...

CARLTON HEIGHTS - The Gnomes living in Carlton Heights have long since left their homeland in desperate search for a quiet place to settle. Wood and food can be found in abundance on these glowing hills, so they thought they had found their paradise, until Emperor Bedalius made his infamous decision.

YRUNDYROC - Inhabiting the western part of the isles, they are supposed to ally with their friends from Carlton Heights and they are supposed to wage war with their own kin. The Gnomes living in Yrundyroc don't understand it at all.

NEABUDARA - Living on the southern most island, these Gnomes are a cheerfull people. The pubs are always filled and laughter is the main sound heard on the streets. Together with their friends from Bombandaric they are determined to rouse those boring Gnomes from Carlton and Yrundyroc.

Tournament rules

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