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War of Wizards - Copyright WoW Games 1996-2005

Worlds Heading.


"War often seems to be naught other than Chaos and Carnage, but there are still rules!" Gofrond, Grand General of Yor

Many a wizards frequents our universe. Since the Dimensional Jump spell was first discovered by Koraz the Red, the wizards have spread to many a world. Some seeking peace, most seeking conquest! The gods of magic accept this behaviour. It is human nature to desire more and to become a wizard this desire must be great. However, the gods tolerance is not unlimited!!!

In their quest for power across the many worlds of this universe, several have gone too far, affronting the gods themselves. In their rage the gods went further than ever before. Stripping the wizards of their power was not enough. An example had to be made. Eight were chosen and banished to a world specifically designed to inflict suffering. The Dimensional Prison!

Here the tale does not end. For the gods underestimated the resourcefulness of these wizards. Their continued law breaking had reaped rewards. Although stripped of their powers, they had not lost the ability to learn again. Soon they began to study their lost magical arts. As they had many times before, they also rallied the natives to their cause, soon controlling the small shires they had been banished to.

Falling back into the familiar pattern of building and expansion, the wizards were no longer viewing this world as a punishment. It was yet another challenge. The Dimensional Prison was nothing but another playing field on which to via against opponents for total domination.


Where volcanos break the surface of the earth and sparkling streams of magical power erupt, the creatures of Chaos can enter our world. Not only flesh hounds, hydras and spawn are inevitably drawn to these places, but also ruthless sorcerers gather there who are longing for powers no mortal should possess. Enslaved kobolds are working in their cities and scouting for their raiding parties, while the backbone of their armies is formed of the fierce blood warriors. The undisciplined fighters excel in wild melees where they sacrifice the blood of their enemies to the dark gods of war.

PRISON OF FIRE - The burning heat of dungeons inside this regions volcanos, now torture the prisoners of it's original occupant. The denizes placed their to torture the banished wizard, now serve. This place of unspeakable horror has been turned into a vast stronghold from which to attack the other prisons of this world.


Highlanders are a human race who love the crisp air of the hills and mountains. They live a very traditional lifestyle, residing in clans. They are fierce warriors and wars between the clans frequently flare up. Their religion is two fold, believing in one god but also that the world also possess lesser gods known as the chosen ones. These chosen are virtually immortal barring complete decapitation. The immortals are both revered and feared, never accepted by any of the clans and forced to live in secrecy or wander the earth eternally.

PRISON OF PAIN - Despite all the discomforts placed here by the gods the hills allow the Highlanders of this shire to live a traditional lifestyle. Many festivals break up the daily routine of hunting and farming. Defences have been built against the roaming creatures the most horrific of which have been trapped in the prison which once held the now ruling wizard. The bad times have not been forgotten however, and the villagers remain ever wary.


Icelanders manage to live in the harsh frozen conditions of the arctic lands. They survive hunting the sea mammals and fish that inhabit their regions.

PRISON OF FROST - The biting cold of this region is only just kept out by the furs of it's inhabitants. Shards of ice, constantly fall, stinging any uncovered skin. The local Icelanders have adjusted to this way of life but few others can. The surrounding regions are far less hostile and many wish to escape this frozen prison and leave to a fairer place.


Lizardmen are fierce creatures who thrive on vicious battle. The more developed of the race have special traits that make them even more fearsome in combat.

PRISON OF STENCH - The smell of death and decay in this region is truly overwhelming. There is little to recommend it to any other than the insects and lizardmen who inhabit it. Initially guards for the prison of this region the Lizardmen now for a garrison for the ruling wizard, once incarcerated here. Their cruel nature is now turned towards the external world rather than their shires prisoners. With strong leadership they plan to battle their way out of this swamp and onto glory.


Minotaurs are clearly one of the most fearsome races to frequent the lands. Their culture revolving around the warriors ensures only the strongest survive. Standing 8 to 10 feet tall with a bull's head atop a taut human torso they intimidate any they meet in battle.

PRISION OF VISIONS - The illusions which sent many insane have now been mostly banished by the new wizard lord of the plains. The nightmares viewed by many were a part of the punishment created by the gods. Now, under the guidance of a strong leader the plains have been turned into a prosperous base from which to venture forth. The minotaurs are not fleeing the visions but seeking lands to conquer in their and their masters name.


Ogres are a brutal race of large humanoids. Although not known for their intelligence, they can produce a rare cunning that has brought the demise of many opponents. Their general lack of Intellect, combined with a powerful frame, far stronger than the average mans, makes this race a popular choice to be coerced into war by manipulative villains. The Ogre race is divided into classes with the lowly Snotlings doing the most menial of tasks. This class system is almost entirely based on physical size with Snotlings being far smaller than standard Ogres, who are in turn dwarfed by the Chieftains. Ogres prefer to reside in the Mountains where they fight at their best.

Prison of Torment - Sitting deep in the forest is the Prison of Torment. Not naturally found in the woodlands the Ogres of this region were specifically placed here to cruelly torment those who were placed here. However, being dim of wit, the Ogres were soon serving their former prisoner as master. The resources of this forest and the strength of the Ogres have provided much with which it's new lord can work.


These evil creatures are renowned for their ruthlessness and lack of compassion. The main Orcish kingdom lies in the mountains of an Isle in the Death Sea where the Orcs continually fight amongst themselves.

PRISON OF GALES - The Orcs have quickly become obedient servants of their new lord. Like many races of the Dimensional Prison, they quickly failed their original task of tormenting the wizards, quickly become servants rather than captors. They yearn to escape the constant icy winds of these mountains and find other races to inflict pain upon. A dream their new lord may well help come to fruition.


The Sandpeople are a mysterious race of desert dwellers. Few know how they survive in such a barren environment or how their society functions. The only contact others seem to have is having caravans raided under the cover of sand storms. These people seem to appear and disappear into the sand itself.

PARCHED PRISON - The burning sun continually beats down upon this region, devoid of shelter. The Sandpeople of this desert have adjusted to enable survival but lead a harsh existence. The arrival of a new leader has given hope and all are ready to venture out in search of water and riches.

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