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War of Wizards - Copyright WoW Games 1996-1998

Worlds Heading.

The Elemental Isles
Fire, Ice, Air and Earth. These are the four powers that make up this world. An Island devoted to each forms the lands of it's inhabbitants. With the coming of the wizards one Island, one city, one race, one element, one leader will rule supreme.


Amazons are a race of jungle dwelling warriors. Both their males and females are the fittest of nearly all humans. The Amazonian cities blend almost perfectly into the jungle. The amazons are formidable opponents, especially in there own territory. Poison darts seem to fly from naught but trees at any that enter their domain. The major Amazon city of Amiton is located on Fire Isle.

AMITON - Living deep within the sweltering tropics of Fire Isle, reside the people of the Jungle. Living a life over shadowed by fear of the surrounding Volcano's, regular sacrifices are made to try and appise the gods of fire. The Amazons keep to the east of the island, attepting to avoid all contact with the inhabbitants of the western deserts.


Deep in the underworld, the dark elves reside. Splitting from their High Elven cousins many millenniums ago, the two are now almost as separate as humans and gnomes. The slim build, dark complexion and white hair of this ra ce makes any dark elf stand apart from all others. Their society, dominated by female priests, is one which revolves around combat and treachery.

BRETIZON - The Underworld city is divided into 11 families or houses, as they are known. The Ruling house Mizandril has its temple situated in the centre of the city. The other houses are scattered around the central temple. The incredible swordsmanship of the Dark Elves is reknowned throughout the Isles. Over the past centuries several individual houses have lead a united city in wars against the Under Dwarves. Infighting between the houses has always denied the race total victory. However an uneasy alliance between the houses under the guidence of a wizard has lead to grander plans involving an assault on the surface world.


The Dervishes are a race of nomadic tradesmen. They converse with all races yet can also stand alone against any. The major dervish trade centres is the town of Cor Pilma

COR PILMA - The spires of tall towers of the Dervish city can be seen from throughout the wasteland it lies in. The arid land provides few resources but still the Dervishes muster enough resources to very successfully trade. Many of the Dervishes are both merchants and scimitar wielding warriors but frequently mercenaries are hired to battle instead. The defenses of Cor Pilma have thus far been the match of any who have tried to breach them


Gnomes are small demi-humans known especially for their weird and wonderful inventions. Another peculiar trait is their fast and continuous speech. The major Gnomish capital of the Isles is Kalindidlezar (it's full name being Kalindidlezarfinopitanolipfosperationbar, quite a short title by Gnomish standards).

KALINDIDLEZAR - The fascinating city of Kalindidlezar is formed by a number of large structures connected by an array of cables and struts supporting the structures. Wheeled vehicles ride along the cables providing transport between the buildings. In one of the strangest buildings, a Dodecahedron shaped structure contains the many inventors' workshops of the city. From these areas come contraptions that will both amaze and bemuse. Although the practicality of many of these inventions may be questioned the gnomes' creativeness is one quality that makes such a strong race. The one question that has elluded all of the greatest Gnomish minds is, How did the city end up on the Astral Plane? The oldest, wisest and most senile of the race swear that it was not always situated of Air Isle. They just c an't remember where it used to be, though they are sure it has something to do it was that confounded magic.


The Halflings are a joyful race of small demi-humans. Known for their lack of height and hairy toes, Halflings form together in towns known as shires. The Halflings favourite territory is grassland which they farm with skill and build their burrow homes in. The relaxed life style of the Halflings can be vigorously defended when threatened. Halfling slingers and pony riders may quickly be gathered to repel any unwelcome visitors. The major Halfling shire of the isles is Fellows Meadow.

FELLOWS MEADOW - The Halflings of Fellows Meadow are farmers in a peace loving community. They trade their aggriculture regularly at Cor Pilma for the tobbaco and all the comodities that make their life such a comfort. In times of war, highly developed agricultural skills and requiring little food for sustenance the Halflings manage to survive prolonged sieges. The centre-piece of this small shire is the Town Hall where the towns Mayor Bilco Hairynose resides. The mayor runs what is an efficient yet laid back community. Having survived many centuries the robust Halflings of Fellows Meadow may be considered strong, even if not in physical strength


Hill Dwarves are renowned everywhere for their skill as weapon smiths. The short stocky race also has a passion for forging the earth's minerals into many types of objects and artifacts. The only sizeable population of Hill Dwarves is in the city of Goldvale.

GOLDVALE - The Hill Dwarf Citadel of Goldvale sits atop high rolling hills over looking ocean. The city has gained it's name from the Gold Vein atop which it is situated. There near by Astral Mountains supply the other required materials for the craft around which the dwarves life revolves. Unlike their Under Dwarf cousins the hill dwarves like to spend the majority of their time on the surface. The hours spent by dwarven smiths in the smelters have given the hill dwarves an armoury that makes all envious


The High elves are one of the most ancient and noble races. Long flowing blond hair, sharp facial features and a slight build are the characteristics that make this race stand apart. The architecture of the elven city is something many a traveller has journeyed to see in safer times. But now that troubled times approach, the city will be seen as defensive stronghold rather than a city of great aesthetics.

LOLASIS - In deep within a wintery forest of Ice Isle lies Lolasis. It's tall spiraling towers and ornately designed buildings make this arguably the most enchanting city seen. Lolasis' residents are both craftsmen and scholars, living a peaceful life. The city is protected by the legendary Heart Bowmen. The sacred warriors patrol the forest handing out justice to any who enter with evil intentions.


Minotaurs are clearly one of the most fearsome races to frequent the Elemental Isles. Their culture revolving around the warriors ensures only the strongest survive. Standing 8 to 10 feet tall with a bull's head atop a tort human torso they intimidate any they meet in battle. The major Minotaur city is Basilton, located on Air Isle. It is believed that this Astral Plane area is the origin of their race.

BASILTON - The city formed from blue rock sits on one of the few raised areas of the Astral Plane. The proud Minotaur city revolves around a class system. The Minotaur nobles being the strongest and greatest of the race. The natural aggression of the race leads to a continual struggle to gain status through brawling with other members. The labour in Basilton is all performed by slaves of other races. Kobolds are kept in pits beneath the city. Peasants, the lowest class of Basilton, wield whips to flail the minor races to work or death. Any who venture near the city of minotaurs generally find themselves joining the ranks of slaves


These evil creatures are renowned for their ruthlessness and lack of compassion. The main orcish kingdom of the Isles is Gra Shliak.

GRA SHLIAK - Sitting in the low peaks of the Mountains of Earth Isle lies this new city. After centuries of warring the Orcs have been vanquished from the Underworld of Earth Isle. Bitter in defeat they are no longer content to live on the surface and will soon force their way back into their dark home. The mountain top castle of the ruling clan the "Gralint" looks over the many huts and cave dwellings below. The lower classed orcs work the many mines stemming from the cave dwellings leading this city to have a plentiful supply of the earthen metals.


Plainsmen live off the land of their home region. They are tribal in nature and manage to exist in harmony with both animals and nature. The hot dry plains of Fire Isle are host to the largest plainsman settlement of Ditaram.

DITARAM- The traditional nomadic lifestyle of make shift villages has given way to the construction of the semi permanent city of Ditaram. Since its construction, the plainsmen have been able to fend of all enemy raids, it's walls standing unbreached.


The Sandpeople are a mysterious race of desert dwellers. Few know how they survive in such a barren environment or how their society functions. The only contact others seem to have is having caravans raided under the cover of sand storms. These people seem to appear and disappear into the sand itself. It is rumoured that a massive Sandpeople kingdom exists it the western deserts of Fire Isle. No living man has been able to confirm this however.

LASTAR - Amid the hot parched sands of the Western Deserts lies Lasatar. Well hidden, travellers will not see this city until it is all to late. Lastar is ruled by a council known as the Conclave. The people of this area know all the oasis's and caves which allows living with ease in the harsh environment


Under Dwarves are stocky demi-humans who spend the majority of their time in the tunnels and caverns of the Underworld. They are masters of obtaining the grounds wealth, and mine in constant pursuit of the sacred metal Mithril. The largest Under Dwarven Kingdom is found deep beneath Earth Isle.

OLD MICHEN- Recently retaken in the ever lasting war against the Dark Elves the traditional home of the Under Dwarves has been retaken. The tempory city of New Michen is being allowed to fall back into ruin as the Dwarves have sworn to die defending the city before ever making the mistake of falling back again. Dark Elven infighting has created a break in the continual raids, a rest that will not last forever. Preparations for the next onslaught are already being made. The bearded creatures spend their days mining the earth's resources and then turning them into weapons of war.. Equiping an army of well trained soldiers, to battle any would be invaders.

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