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Worlds Heading.

The World Of The Elven Nation

The Elven Tomes of Old state that in the beginning the gods created the Chosen Ones. The Chosen Ones were slender, graceful and either fair or dark depending on which version of the Tomes are to be believed. Later the gods created the lesser races. The lesser races lacked the wisdom to thrive, and abused rather than embraced their natural surroundings. Their lackings lead to the destruction of their cities and almost to their extinction. It was not only their foolishness but their weakness that cost them a place in The Elven Nation. The Dark Elves hunted and killed all who were not worthy of an existence in the Nation. Some were quickly slaughtered while others only fell after great battles. The Purification Wars, as they are now known, lasted for many centuries. The dominance of the Dark Elves was supreme in the underworld but their accursed cousins the High Elves were their match on the surface.

The High Elves were not aggressive towards the races that shared their surface world. They only watched as poor management and respect of nature lead to disease and famine. The once great cities of the other races fell as quickly as they had risen.

An uneasy truce came across the land, and both the Elves above and below the surface remained at peace. Until now that is. The omens and augeries being performed now all point towards a "Time of reckoning". Only the greatest and most dominant of the Chosen Ones will be selected to reside with the gods. All others will be left to live out eternity in the Elven Nation. Doomed to live forever in the earthen realms, with no possibility of a higher calling. Pride has lead to the belief that each of the respective Elven cities are to be the Chosen One's. Armies are slowly being mobilized to force the point. The ultimate victors reward is simple. A place in the heavens. This prize is worth any cost.


Dark Elves control the underworlds of The Elven Nation. Hating their High Elven cousins, the two are almost as separate as Humans and Gnomes. The slim build, dark complexion and white hair of this race makes any dark elf stand apart from all others. Their society, dominated by female priestesses, is one which revolves around combat and treachery. The dark elf society is divided into cities ruled by families known as a house. The houses of the underworld are constantly dueling each other for supremacy while ensuring all other races obey their will or die. After a millennium of fighting only the three strongest houses remain, Shadowfelz, Uganthon and Quazipar. All cities believe their prowess will prove that they are to be the chosen members of the chosen race, Dark Elves.

SHADOWFELZ - The most dangerous of all Dark Elves reside in this city of renegades. Rather than a sole house, this city is formed by several mercenary groups, held together by fear of the cities priestesses. Their early rejection from other houses has lead the cities people into a frenzy for revenge and to prove their worth to the other cities and the gods.

UGANTHON - This powerful Dark Elven city is controlled by the house Uganthon. Their skilled warriors were almost solely responsible for the purification of the underworld. The city now intends to extend their purification to all non-Uganthon aligned Dark Elves.

QUAZIPAR - This city is feared for its deadly array of beasts. Giant Lizards patrol the surrounding caverns, protecting the city from any approaching enemies. Slaves are used as food for the beast pits rather than forced to work making death preferable to capture when battling this house.


The Dervishes are nomadic tradesmen of The Elven Nation. They may survive anywhere by trading for huge profit, no matter how little resources they may have. Many of the Dervish are both merchants and scimitar wielding warriors but frequently mercenaries are hired to battle instead. They converse with all races which has in part lead to their survival.

MANTACK MINING COLONY - The demise of the Dwarves lead to the formation of this Dervish colony to trade with the forest cities of the surface world. It is the only major human city remaining in existence, mostly due to its trade with the High Elven cities.


The High Elves are the most ancient and noble race of the Nation. Long flowing blond hair, sharp facial features and a slight build are the characteristics that make this race stand apart. The architecture of the Elven cities is something many a traveler has journeyed to see in safer times. Now that the competition to be proven is on, many of these cities are defensive strongholds rather than cities of great aesthetics.

AMILAGON - The capital of this mighty island kingdom lies deep within the Amilagon forest. The High Elven city is thought to be the oldest and original domain of the High Elves. With this in mind, the residents see it as only logical that they are the chosen few.

FOUR STAR GROVE - The thick forest lets no light penetrate from above other than in the central grove. In this grove lies the city of Four Star Domain. Named after a ring of the skies four brightest stars which shine through the break in the trees and onto the blessed city. The four stars are believed to be a sign of favour from the gods. Assuming the people of Four Star Grove can remain in control of their city, they will surely be elevated to the higher plane on the day of reckoning.

KILISTAR - These High Elves attempt to live a simple existence. The forest provides all they need and the inhospitable terrain to the north and south leaves little reason to travel far from their city. This humility is a trait that the proud other cities lack. A quality that makes them stand out in the eyes of the gods.

DILIMANAS - The High Elves of Dilimanas are expert foresters. They work hard to preserve their home terrain and hold back the ever expanding Trent Desert from destroying the outer trees. They believe they will be rewarded for their service to nature when the day of reckoning comes.

HEAVENS PINNACLE - The population of Heavens Pinnacle believe they have already been selected by the gods. Already dwelling high above all other cities, the gate to the gods should open on the day of reckoning. However, should they be required to return to the surface to prove themselves once more, they are more than ready.


These evil creatures are renowned for their ruthlessness and lack of compassion. However, they have been humbled in the Purification Wars and now only survive in hiding. This enforced banishment from the major areas of the underworld has lead to even more bitterness. They yearn for revenge against the Dark Elves and this unrest of the coming times may be the most opportune time to strike.

DARK CAVERN - The Orcs of this city are securely hidden from the Dark Elves of the Underworld. In a move of desperation the Orcs sealed all exits, isolating the city and escaping the genocide of the Purification Wars. With great warriors emerging through their ranks and the vulnerability of the Elves during the coming period, the time to strike back has finally come.

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