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War of Wizards - Copyright WoW Games 1996-1999

Worlds Heading.

The World Of Ithilia

"Laniatus terram malibus liberabit"

The History of Ithilia

"The Beginning"

Darkness covered the world and the climate was hot and humid. Deamons and other foul creatures roamed the world... The world existed of one great island, Pange´s, surrounded by a great ocean and maybe other islands. There were no sentient beings as we now know them. Some plants and animals inhabited the world, but they were controlled by the creatures of darkness, and their leader Belial. The animals suffered, and whole species of plants almost became extinct.

At this moment, sentient life began to develop. Some creatures developed to Elves and Dwarves. The Humans, Halflings and some less important races came later. Belial, God of Darkness and ruler of worlds, ordered his minions to subject these people, to let them suffer and to let them work on the fields. The Dwarves, the best in mining and construction, were ordered to build immense factories where dark sentinels could be constructed. These were gigantic black statues, which could fight if being ordered to or if being attacked. These warriors made of stone were strong enough to keep any threat away. And so it happened. The humans, Elves and Dwarves were set to work under the supervision of the dark sentinels. They were not happy, but what could they do... ?

"The First Era, The War of the Gods"

One day something unexpected happened. Pange´s was under attack by creatures of light. Angels, Archangels and their soldiers came from the air. The Dwarves, Elves and Humans felt as if they were being freed, but the opposite appeared to be true. The so called "War of the Gods" began and lasted for many decades. The angels, led by Archangel Michaelus, tried to drive away the deamons and their deamon king Belial. But, the sentinels constructed by the Dwarven smithies were as tough as they expected to be. Many good angels died, but many sentinels were destroyed as well. The stream of creatures of life seemed endlessly. Hordes and hordes of angels, lesser and greater ones, came flying to attack Pange´s. Belial did not have an eternal amount of Sentinels, so he made up a new plan: The best fighting race would join their ranks and become their soldiers. Of course, the poor Dwarves were unlucky again. They were raised in shining black armour, but they proved to be no match against the forces of light. Not even a single Dwarf survived the "War of the Gods". The sentinels lost more and more ground against the forces of light. At "The battle of the Cracks" Belial himself was faced by Michaelus, king of angels, assisted by many a dozen Angels. Belial saw no other alternative then to call upon the forces of hell. The air turned black, it began to rain and thunder was in the air. The Angels were scared stiff like never before... The earth began to crack, and Belial and his last comrades just sunk into the earth, never to be seen again! The thunder lasted for several hours, but when it ended, the war was over. The world was split into several different islands. The angels left the ground and flew upwards, nobody knows whereto... Nothing was heard again from Belial...

"The Second Era, The Rise of the Druids"

And so it was that the first era ended. The land was divided into three separate islands, and so were the races. Trade between the three islands started quickly. However, cultures were changing. First the people traded all kinds of goods and information, and were eager to hear all kinds of gossip. This slowly faded away... On one island, Hichilis, the people developed a civilisation based on trust, care, health, welfare and love. The majority of the people were Halflings, High Elves and Gnomes. On another island, Faron, the civilisation was hard, because everyone fought for his own rights. The rule of the strongest counted. Trade, haggling and bribing were common things to be seen. The people living on this island were Dervish, Plainsmen and Sandpeople. On the last island, Rutax, the climate was very hot and humid, and many humans and Elves set sail to another island. The races remaining were not the brightest, Minotaurs and Orcs were ruling the island. Their civilisation was based on fighting, war and strength. The survival of the fittest was a golden rule. So you might understand that the contact between the three islands slowly became less and less... The memories about the ancient history also faded away, the war of the dark gods ended a long time ago, the economies were flourishing, and the people were happy, each on its own way.
One day, a clan of druids visited the island where Dervish and Plainsmen were living. They were mysterious people, totally clad in white robes and having long beards. The people loved them, because they introduced new ways of thinking. Many people were getting fed up with the hard society they lived in and needed something completely different. The druids brought spirituality. They also erected orders of the elements on the island, and they became places of holiness, where the spirit world ruled. The druids proclaimed they could get even more power when they were in possession of the so called "spirit artifacts". Therefore many druids left the island to find the "spirit artifacts". They have visited the islands of Kurax and Hichilis. They also erected Orders of the Elements but they were much less impressive than those on Faron. They never returned to Faron though. Finally the remaining druids also left Faron. They were never seen again. The end of the druids was sudden and unexpected.... However, the people on Faron sticked to the ideas of the druids and began to wonder what would happen if they could gather the forces of the elements, like the druids have explained.... But after a long period the Orders of the Elements fell down in decay and the old society on Faron returned, the hard and individual life seemed to fit the people there...

"The Third Era, The Wizards Rule"

The world is currently in its third Era. The three island are all inhabited by wizards. These wizards want to expand their empire and want to rule the world on their own, they will use any method they can think of. The memories of the ancient history have become popular again. People are in doubt about the history. The wizards think the history is like a wheel of time, happenings always return. They think they can use the old history to conquer the world by letting the history return. Whole disputes are held in cities about the truth of the old stories, black trade between the islands has grown to get more information. The wizards will need to learn a lot more though about the history before they can actually use the books of the old days, and to make history come alive!

The Scenario Specialities

Ithilia is a scenario world. These are the scenario specialities:

Faction Descriptions

FACTION #1 'The Order of Light'

The Order of light consists of Halflings, High Elves, Icelanders and Gnomes and they are all living in harmony. The society is not based on making war, so not much iron or mithril will be produced on Hichilis. The people care for everything without 'dark' in the name: They care for nature, the plants and the animals. Civil war is least expected on this island, but now that strange wizards have taken over the command of Hichilis' most important towns this might change. However, the wizards controlling the four main cities on Hichilis are are also 'common' people of the island, just a little more intelligent than the normal farmer.
The wizards have put most of their time in the research and study of the elements of nature. The wizard of the Icelanders is slightly different. He is living in the cold north, and is a little isolated from the rest of Hichilis. He is practising the dark magic, but the wizards of the Halflings, Elves and Gnomes and the wizard of the Icelanders have already shown mutual respect, so no wars are expected. The goal of the wizards is to fight with armies armed with weapons made from the elements of nature, for example: Elven archers, Halfling slingers, Ents, and Gnomish spearmen. But if global war is imminent and there is an urgent need for guardians, the wizards will just transform some of the raw natural materials into mithril and iron. The people of Hichilis want to restore peace, harmony and love to all regions of Ithilia, therefore they need to invoke the help of the higher beings...

The cities on Hichilis are as follows:

FIRLINT - The Halflings of Firlint have concentrated on the production of food. Granaries and bakeries are common sights on the landscape around Firlint. The Halflings live in the centre of Hichilis and are living like one great family. The cute Halflings share everything with each other.

MONTAROS - The Gnomes are living on the most southern point of Hichilis. They are living on the so-called lone mountains. The mountains seem to continue in the skies, and the Gnomes are sometimes seen above the clouds. The gnomes most of the time live on ration. The food is scarce in the high lands. They have put a lot of their time in the production of technical devices. No breakthrough was made however, but will soon be made.

TYR ELYN'S VALE - The High Elves inhabit the woods of Hichilis. They have concentrated on the training of marksmen and the production of bows. They are in contact with the Icelanders of Tade Kirson, and they often trade resources. The Elves can live with the fact that the rulers of the Icelanders are not following the druidic path. They also paid a lot of time in the research of magicks, as they call it.

TADE KIRSON - The Icelanders of Tade Kisron mainly live on their own. They do not trade much, only with the Elves on Hichilis. They live by fishing on the seas, but the food is scarce in the cold north. But, there are not many other alternatives: not much food can be found on the harsh cold arctic lands as well! They are practising the dark path and will never step over to the druidic side.

FACTION #2 'The Order of Balance'

The Order of Balance consists of Dervishes, Plainsmen, Sandpeople and Amazons. They trade a lot, but the trade is hard, or at least, used to be before the coming of the wizards. No one knows what will change now that the wizards took over the command of the cities. The races are only focused on themselves, they don't really care whether their neighbour and partner practises the dark or druidic magic. The people have one common goal: to expand! They need the Druids for that though. The people of Faron are a dangerous foe. In the hard society they have learnt to show discipline and perseverance, tenacity and stamina
The Sandpeople and Amazons practice the dark arts, while the Dervish and Plainsmen people have concentrated on the druidic arts.

The cities on Faron are as follows:

KALARON - The Dervish people of Kalaron live in the cold north of Faron. There are rumours that there are underground tunnels made under Kalaron, maybe these will lead to the empire of Belial? The Dervish people never examined the tunnels carefully though. The people live by trade. The stocks of the Dervish people are always fairly high and the market place is always fairly busy.

DEEP CHAPECAY - The Amazons of Deep Chapecay live isolated lifes. They are situated in the south of Faron. The climate is quite humid but that is caused because of nearby vulcanos. They produce their food themselves, and they trade less than the Dervish people. They often receive food from the plains though. They have concentrated on the production of wood, and therefore always have enough wood in their stockpiles.

TAOMO TABR - The Sandpeople of Taomo Tabr live on the hottest piece of the world, but they all live on ration and are therefore able to survive the circumstances. They can produce quite a lot of resources, and are not depending on trade. Instead, they put their time in developing their social strength, the inns and taverns always result in happiness and joy among the people.

LORENTZ DALE - The plainsmen of Lorentz Dale really depend on trade. They mostly trade with the Amazons. They are producing vast amounts of food, and therefore started training wolves to be suited for battle. The training can not be done, but the food is there... The plainsmen are situated on a strategically very important point on Faron.

FACTION #3 'The Order of Darkness'

The Order of Darkness consists of Minotaurs, Orcs, Lizardmen and Dark Elves. The society of these races, especially the Orc and Minotaur society, is based on physical strength and the survival of the fittest. This culture made these people really fearsome, they are probably the best fighting Order on Ithilia plus they have access to the best mineral containing regions. They are not very fond of magic, but should they use any magic, it will be dark, to blast away the foe. The Lizardmen are an exception to the rule, they practise the druidic side of magic. Since the beginning of time they sticked to the rule of the elements.
The inhabitants of Rutax are fearsome, strong, greedy for blood and determined, the worst foe you can imagine!

GROND KHAR - The Dark Elves of Grond Khar are separated from the rest of Rutax. Trade has not yet been established. They are the only race on Ithilia who are living in the underworld. Dark Elves always spent a great of deal on the training of new soldiers, preferably dual warriors. The castle walls of the Dark Elven city reaches high into the sky, almost to the top of 'the roof'.

TRUNKAR - The Minotaurs of Trunkar are always training and training. The rest of the time they spent on mining new raw resources to make deadly new weapons. Any person foolish enough to enter Trunkar will be punished for his foolishness. The Minotaurs always have a lot of mithril and iron in reserve.

PARTRAX - The Orcs of Partrax live in the centre of Rutax. They are doomed to live in the eternal swamps of Ithilia. But, they motivated themselves, and began building up an economy. They failed of course. Now, a wizard rules Partrax. Will he be able to do a better job? The Orcs, in their attempt to build up an economy, have built a strong wall around their city which is still standing.

IXI BANZAY - The Lizardmen of Ixi Banzay are the only druidic race on the southern part of Ithilia. They live in the east jungles of the island Rutax. They have spent a lot of time on the research of magic, and they have been rewarded. They haven't paid a lot of time to economy, but with the iron discipline of the Lizardmen, they will surely succeed catching up with the rest.

This world has been developed by Korneel Duyvesteyn.
Please send any questions, suggestions or other remarks concerning this world to him.

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