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Worlds Heading.

The World Of Kalander

In the beginning the races of Good, Evil and Neutrality existed in their separate planes. The Good ruled the surface world. Living in peace and harmony, their lives were rich and happy. Below them the forces of evil constantly battled in the underdark where unimaginable acts of torture and cruelty were performed. Only the strong survived, the weak dying in slavery. The neutral races resided high above on the Astral Plane, leading their balanced lifestyles, acting in only their own interests.

The division of the races remained for many millennium, until the first coming of the wizards. Through magic the divisions placed by the gods in the days of creation were broken, leading to the War of the First Coming. Magical Jump gates were created allowing the armies of evil to invade the surface world. Hordes of Orcs were magically portalled into the forests of the High Elves. Tunnels from the Underworld were extended up and emerged on the island of Waicol. The forces of good also used the newly found Jump Gate magic to teleport troops to the deserted Waicol Island, forcing the evil races back into the depths. On the other side of Kalander the High Elves also prevailed but at great cost. Nothing was left at the site where the Orcs had first materialized leaving a stagnant swamp where once a great section of forest had stood. The wizards of good then resealed the underworld in an attempt to keep evil contained forever. Unfortunately nothing lasts forever.

The War of the First Coming had drained almost all magic from Kalander and the surviving wizards were forced scatter, no longer having the powers to protect even themselves. Life returned to the way it previously had been on all three planes. This continued for many centuries until the second coming of the wizards.

The impact of the return of magic was far more gradual than that of the first coming. Races moved between the planes with little resistance. Under Dwarves mined deeper and deeper until they entered the rich caverns of the Underworld. The races of neutrality were led by great heroes through the Astral Towers and onto the surface. The opening up of Kalander led to exploration and trade by all. The wizards were prudent, not creating new jump gates and leaving the existing gates sealed. Twenty cities were formed, each lead by a master of the arts. However it soon became obvious that few would settle for a solitary city. Expansion would occur, eventually leading to collision. The War of the Second Coming was nigh.



Amazons are a race of jungle dwelling warriors. Both their males and females are the fittest of nearly all humans. The Amazonian cities blend almost perfectly into the jungles of the surface world. The Amazons are formidable opponents, especially in their own territory. Poison darts seem to fly from naught but trees at any that enter their domain. The main city of Amazons is located on the tropical island of Tikatu.

JIMIRILAN - The great Amazonian city of Jimirilan exists on the tropical island of Tikatu. These people live a secluded existence, producing everything they require from the jungle in which they live. The Hamatar Jungle has been mastered by the Amazons but any other races trying to enter will soon experience the crush of a cobra or the sinking of quicksand. If ever any were to survive the natural hazards a volley of poison blow darts would soon end their streak of luck.


Dark Elves live exclusively in the Underworlds of Kalander. Hating their High Elven cousins, the two are almost as separate as humans and gnomes. The slim build, dark complexion and white hair of this race makes any dark elf stand apart from all others. Their society, dominated by female priestesses, is one which revolves around combat and treachery. The dark elf society is divided into cities ruled by families known as a house. The houses of the underworld are constantly dueling each other for supremacy while still trying to evilly enslave all other races. After a millennium of fighting only two strong houses remain, Ominaltian and Xanderval. Both cities believe that they will soon eliminate the other and have turned thoughts to dominating other races.

OMINALTIAN - The house of Ominaltian controls this city of the northern underworld. The old path of their armies to attack rivals Xanderval have recently been blocked by the formation of the Under Dwarf city of Carvian. Attempts to destroy the structure have thus far failed, demanding time and attention to be temporarily be pulled away from the enemy house.

XANDERVAL - Feared for its army of beasts, the city ruled by House Xanderval has been responsible for demise of most of the other Dark Elven houses. The huge Temple of Darkness forms an imposing center piece to this city. Slaves are used as food for the beast pits rather than forced to work making death preferable to capture when battling this house.


The Dervishes are nomadic tradesmen of Kalander. They may survive anywhere by trading for huge profit, no matter how little resources they may have. Many of the Dervish are both merchants and scimitar wielding warriors but frequently mercenaries are hired to battle instead. They converse with all races yet can also stand alone against any.

FLINDERS KEEP - The Dervish noble, Lord Flinder was the first to bring a caravan to the Astral Plane. The amount of trading done by this first Dervish caravan has lead to the formation of this trading post, named in Lord Flinders honour. The plentiful supply of gems gives the Keep a strong base from which to trade. Lord Flinders merchant foresight, envisaging that the return of the wizards naturally brings the desperation for magics crucial resource.


Gnomes are small demi-humans known especially for their weird and wonderful inventions. Another peculiar trait is their fast and continuous speech. In all Gnomish cities many inventors' workshops can be found. From these areas come contraptions that will both amaze and bemuse. Although the practicality of many of these inventions may be questioned, the gnomes' creativeness is one quality that makes such a strong race.

TOMUTCHTIYMONHANS- It is fitting that the most curious of all races have established a city in the most intriguing of all planes. The Astral Plane is the subject of much research. This research is constantly overshadowed by the need to develop ways of repelling the mindless bullmen of Welmrash. Although out thinking the Minotaurs is little challenge for the great Gnomish minds, developing new ways to infuriate the aggressive race on the battle fields consumes many hours.


The Halflings are a joyful race of small demi-humans. Known for their lack of height and hairy toes, Halflings form together in towns known as shires. The Halflings favourite territory is hills, which they build their burrow homes in although they may be found in any terrain of a pleasant climate. The relaxed life style of the Halflings can be vigorously defended when threatened. Halfling slingers and pony riders may quickly be gathered to repel any unwelcome visitors. Having highly developed agricultural skills and requiring little food for sustenance the Halflings manage to survive prolonged sieges and have on many occasion won out with sheer patience. A quality their attackers severely lack.

COMRODION HOLLOW - The lush grasslands of Comrodion Hollow are inhabited by a shire of Halflings. The pleasant area is enhanced by the good cheer of it's peace loving inhabitants. The burrows of the city surround the largest structure, the Town Hall. It is here that Mayor Haglund Hairytoes sits in office. With no enemies the Halflings of Hairy Hollow live a quiet life of smoking pipes and farming the areas lush fields. They have occasional contact with the Icelanders to the south and Dwarves to the west, but generally have no reason to leave their small Utopic society.


Hill Dwarves are renowned everywhere across Kalander for their skill as weapon smiths. The short stocky race also has a passion for forging the earth's minerals into many types of objects and artifacts. Unlike their Under Dwarf cousins, the hill dwarves like to spend the majority of their time on the surface of Kalander. The hours spent by Dwarven smiths in the smelters have given the hill dwarves an armoury that makes all envious.

MAGNA HALL - Positioned on the edge of a volcano, the city of Magna Hall is uniquely designed to minimize damage from eruptions. The intense heat of the inner volcano is used in forging some of the greatest weapons in Kalander. The metals mined are vital and used for almost all implements as there is little wood to be scavenged from the surrounding ocean and desert.

TANKERVILLE - The city of Tankerville sits high in the mountains of the Wok Ring. The highly skilled Dwarven smiths have outfitted some of the greatest of histories armies, which have defended the surface world from the evil below. Lately armies have been massed in anticipation of a different enemy. The Second Coming has brought Lizardmen from above to share the Wok Ring with the Hill Dwarves. Mistrustful of other races by nature, forces have quickly been gathered in anticipation of the War of the Second Coming.


The High elves are one of the most ancient and noble races on the face of Kalander. Long flowing blond hair, sharp facial features and a slight build are the characteristics that make this race stand apart. The architecture of the Elven cities is something many a traveler has journeyed to see in safer times. But now that troubled times approach with the Second Coming, the cities will be seen as defensive stronghold rather than cities of great aesthetics.

MILIAN - Situated a short distance from its twin city of Ulasis, Milan is a populated by a content population. The forest provides wood while the neighbouring plains and mountains provide all the required food and metals. With no need to expand the High Elves have lived happily in their own domain but with the Second Coming, comes fears that all they have may be jeopardized.

ULASIS - The Elves of Ulasis have still not fully recovered from the War of the First Coming. The ruined neighbouring forest of Kilington, was the site that armies that Orcs appeared, using the magic of the jump gates. A swamp now remains on the site where thousands of high Elves gave their lives to keep the surface world pure. Now with the time of the Second Coming at hand, Ulasis braces itself for a possible repeat of times past.
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Choosing to live in the frozen regions, Icelanders have learnt to use the elements of arctic terrain to their upmost advantage. Riding Mammoths into war and building defences of ice, little can stop an Icelander army fighting in their home terrain. The communities generally live peacefully however, hunting and fishing the lands to gain food and skins to protect themselves from the cold.

  The Icelanders of Histka survive off the frozen Lake Berg. Beneath the thin ice seals and fish are easy prey for the skilled Icelander huntsmen. Histka is located in a frozen section of Mandaler, well removed from other civilizations. Occasional visits are paid by those Halflings, hardy enough to leave the comfort of their warm burrows. There is also evidence that a jump gate once existed nearby, connecting to the deserts on the far side of Mandaler. Several traces of Sandpeople artifacts from the time of the First Coming, have been located. However, all are wary of opening up magical connections, as the bringing the races within reach of each other has proved devastating before.

ARSALON The people of Arsalon have lived in solitude on their frozen island for centuries. The males spend their days fishing the surrounding seas while the women and children journey to Blackwood Forest, gathering wood. The Icelanders have occasionally had to defend their coasts against raiders but avoided participation in the War of the First Coming. They always fear intrusion from the other planes being always vigilant of the islands Astral Tower and network of unexplored ice caves.


The unique Lizardmen are one that is feared due to both legend and apperance. The tall warriors of the race wield weapons with strength and precision while the lash of a tail gives them an extra avenue of attack. The trident and javelin troops alone would form an army requiring strong forces to resist. These troops pale in comparison to the Lizardmens most powerful weapon. The Chameleon Assasins. These warriors are almost impossible to spot before cold steel through the heart alerts one to their prescence. Apart from their strong array of troops, very little is known of this strange race.

JIKARATH - Lead by the great hero Kilrath this colony of Lizardmen managed to travel through an Astral Tower, emerging to settle in this mountainous region. The young city of Jikarath is rapidly growing from strength to strength. As is the Jikarath army, ready to challenge any who dispute the Lizardmens claim to this plane.

GRAKILNA - The ancient home of the Lizardmen race, Grakilna is a large and developed city. With a similar warring culture to that of the Minotaurs, the Lizardmen of Grakilna constantly develop their warriors prowess. The strange appearance of the population matches the equally unusual setting of the surrounding Astral Plane.


Minotaurs are clearly one of the most fearsome races to frequent Kalander. Their culture revolving around the warriors ensures only the strongest survive. Standing 8 to 10 feet tall with a bull's head atop a human torso they intimidate any they meet in battle. The proud Minotaur civilization revolves around a class system. The Minotaur nobles being the strongest and greatest of the race. The natural aggression of the race leads to a continual struggle to gain status through brawling with other members. The labour is all performed by slaves of other races. Kobolds are kept in pits beneath the city. Peasants, the lowest class, wield whips to flail the minor races to work or death. Any who venture near the city of Minotaurs generally find themselves joining the ranks of slaves.

WELMRASH - The city of warriors has had little glory of late. The only adversaries to be found being the Gnomes. Opponents without honour who rely on tricks and traps in combat, rather than direct melee on the field. The Second Coming has lead to much excitement in Welmrash as the surface world may become accessible, allowing a race of true quality to be found and destroyed.


These evil creatures are renowned for their ruthlessness and lack of compassion. They have a passionate desire to escape the depth of the underworld, taking every opportunity to invade the surface world. Although hating the light the surface world should provide far softer enemies than the skilled Dark Elf warriors they have been forced to battle for millenia.

MULERIANS' DEN - Defeated in the War of the First Coming, the Orcs wait for another great wizard to open the Jump Gate, allowing them a chance of revenge against the cursed High Elves. The past centuries have been spent battling the High Elves equally hated cousins, the Dark Elves in the tunnels of Gashmot Straight. The hatred and bitterness has built up over the years and is ready to be unleashed on any the Orcs come across. For years they have yearned for the War of the Second coming. Now it has arrived.


Plainsmen live off the land of their home region. They are tribal in nature and manage to exist in harmony with both animals and nature. They also produce a great number of highly skilled warriors and tradesmen combining to make a powerful force.

GANTHORIAN- The lush plains of Ganthorian support a large population of Plainsmen. The Plainsmen respect and work with nature, with similar beliefs to the Amazons with which they share the island of Tikatu. The plentiful food creates a happy society without care or threat. The population spends their days hunting and farming, while most nights are filled with festivities.


The Sandpeople are a mysterious race of desert dwellers. Few know how they survive in such a barren environment or how their society functions. The only contact others seem to have is having caravans raided under the cover of sand storms. These people seem to appear and disappear into the sand itself.

SANVINAN - The haze of this flat desert somehow hides the massive Sandpeople city of Sanvian. The people of the area know enough oases and caves to be able to live with ease in the harsh environment. The nearby planes and grasslands are also easy sources of food that are often raided. Travelers or scouts who venture close enough to spot the city are soon disposed of, making a guess of its size or status impossible to other races. The prophets of the sandpeople have foreseen that evil from below shall rise up through the sands in the time of the Second Coming. A prophecy the people take seriously as they prepare for war.


Under Dwarves are stocky demi-humans who spend the majority of their time mining the tunnels and caves of Kalander. They are masters of obtaining the ground's wealth, and mine in constant pursuit of the sacred metal Mithril. The dwarves spend their days mining the metals, which make the weapons, that they war their enemies with.

HAMMER SHAFT- After centuries of mining the mountains of Kalander, the Under Dwarves eventually tunneled all the way into the Underworld. Rich in all the metals they desired, the dwarves formed this great city at the base of Hammer Shaft. The arrival of the Under Dwarves below the surface has drawn the hatred of the races of evil. Unable to cross the planes themselves, they now despise the Under dwarves for entering the domain of evil.

CARVIAN- Unlike most Under Dwarves, the residents of Carvian spend their time in pursuit of the perfect vein of stone rather than metal. Dwarven engineers create brilliant structures formed from rock of the ideal strength and weight. The great fort of Carvian is solid enough to provide protection from the many Dark Elf sieges that have occurred.

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