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Worlds Heading.

The World Of Kaunas

"Laniatus malorum rerum terram liberabit"

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The History of Kaunas

Kaunas was a desolate world until the Gods of Nature had pity upon it. For eons, they cared and nutured it until they felt it became one of their marvels. Having seen the beauty they had created and knowing of other worlds, they departed after having constructed large towers and other structures that would help protect Kaunas. Large numbers of various "Guardians" helped maintain Kaunas when the Gods of Nature left.

Upon their departure, other gods of jealous natures assailed Kaunas. They hated the beauty that they could not create themselves. They created the races of Dark Elves, Minotaurs, Orcs, Lizardmen, Sandpeople and Amazons to perform their bidding of destroying the beauty on Kaunas. They brought down several of the towers of nature. But, as these races were all born from jealousy, they soon began to quibble amongst themselves. For many a year now, the jealousy has turned to hate amongst the evenly devided races.

The jealous gods have mostly forgotten about Kaunas, finding other worlds to pester. But the desire for conquest of Kaunas still remains with the races that have populated this world.

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The Scenario Rules

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City Descriptions


Amazons are a race of jungle dwelling warriors. Both their males and females are the fittest of nearly all humans. The Amazonian cities blend almost perfectly into the jungle. The Amazons are formidable opponents, especially in there own territory. Poison darts seem to fly from naught but trees at any that enter their domain. Jethryn and Luvardin are the two remaining Amazon towns on Kaunas.

JETHRYN - The Amazons of Jethryn live in one of the hottests parts of Kaunas. The jungle of Jethryn is just an extension of the great Astak Deserts. They constantly fear invasions from sandpeople dawnriders.
Player Number = 08

LUVARDIN - Luvardin is the city of Bards and other merrimen. The amazons of Luvardin like amusement in these hard times. They are not as evil as most other races who survived the wars of old ages. Living in the north western Luvardin jungles they are quite happy.
Player Number = 10


Deep in the underworld, the dark elves reside. Splitting from their High Elven cousins many millenniums ago, the two are now almost as separate as humans and gnomes. The slim build, dark complexion and white hair of this race makes any dark elf stand apart from all others. Their society, dominated by female priests, is one which revolves around combat and treachery.

KASHAR - Sheltered from all sunlight lies Kashar, famous of its beastmasters. The underworld has survived the wars, although some corridors have been collapsed. The Dark Elves are constantly living in fear of more collapsions and that they are forever lost in these dark caverns.
Player Number = 03

YRILIATH - Yriliath is the greatest and most promising Dark Elven outpost. The underworld around Yriliath has been more or less saved and the Dark Elves of Yriliath are quite optimistic about the future, unlike their friends from Kashar.
Player Number = 04


Minotaurs are clearly one of the most fearsome races on Kaunas. Their culture revolving around the warriors ensures only the strongest survive. Standing 8 to 10 feet tall with a bull's head atop a tort human torso they intimidate any they meet in battle. The major Minotaur cities are Bullock and Krog Tukbax.

BULLOCK - High in the skies lies Bullock, verdant capital of the minotaurs. The plane where they are living in has been seriously damaged during the wars. Most gems have lost their beauty and power.
Player Number = 02

KROG TUKBAX - Due to a powerful spell cast in the times of the great wars the minotaurs of Krog Tukbax got separated from the mainland. They are now living in isolation although there are rumours of strange tunnels leading to the darkness.
Player Number = 09


These evil creatures are renowned for their ruthlessness and lack of compassion. The Orc towns are located on the great vulcano plateau where the island of Servad has emerged around.

SHAGRAG - Stupid and Strong is the best way to describe the Orcs from Shagrag. The people of Shagrag live near great volcano's and thereby living in constant fear of an eruption. The lava from the mountains never reached the steaming swamps around Shagrag though.
Player Number = 05

MORTANG - Mortang is the base of all evil on Kaunas. The orcs are totally evil. In times of war they raped and humilated all beings that could pronounce the word "good". They are living on the great volcan plateau together with their brothers from Shagrag.
Player Number = 12


The Sandpeople are a mysterious race of desert dwellers. Few know how they survive in such a barren environment or how their society functions. The only contact others seem to have is having caravans raided under the cover of sand storms. These people seem to appear and disappear into the sand itself.

ASTAK IZMIR - Deep within the great Astak deserts lies Astak Izmir. The food is scarce in these deserts but the sandpeople managed to adept. They now thrive and are ready to pester the world with their presence. The world fears Astak Izmir, their great deserts allow strong magicks.
Player Number = 01

AL'MUIN - Al'Muin is situated on a small island on the great ocean. The Sandpeople always prefered to live isolated lifes and they immediately took the opportunity to migrate to this small unhabited sticky island, when scouts had spotted it. They were never really involved in the great wars.
Player Number = 07


Lizardmen are fierce creatures who thrive on vicious battle. The more developed of the race have special traits that make them even more fearsome in combat.

TRAXCAN - Slicky and Sly are the Lizardmen of Traxcan. Somehow they got stuck in the cold north. Maybe it is because of the trees they found there. The origin of the Lizardmen of Traxcan got lost during the wars, to the despite of many a Lizard.
Player Number = 06

XUILA MOANTEC - The Lizardmen of Xuila Moantec are famous of their chameleon assassins. The environment in where they live provides enough gems and mithril to afford the armour and extensive clothing of these excellent warriors.
Player Number = 11

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Chronicles of Time

...Brought to you by Scarvael, your dark reporter.
I have been studying the chronicles of time quite intensively, but during the wars most libraries were plundered, especially those in "druidic terrain". The Dark ones did not care much about literature, so it had been damn hard to form a good view about the days of old. Below are the most important passages of books that remained:

Scarvael:The writer was referring to an island called Servadig in his story. The story below probably takes place on that mysterious island.
... Kael, Mordank move! Those stinking pesky Elven shit is running away! Let's unite! For once, let the communication between Lizardmen and Orc troops be ferious! Xla tepec Xliunhi Trax Trax... responded the Lizardmen commander. Well, it seems like cooperation will be damn hard between the two races after all. Fortunately we orcs are strong enough to blast away some Elven slime ourselves....
Scarvael: And then some pages are lost. The story continues...:
After many days of besiege, the Elves stop resisting, and Lizardmen from the northern woodlands and Orcs from the southern vulcan plateau storm the castle. In the middle of the town an impressive pyramid is still standing, without any scratch of battle. Something for the Lizardmen mages to research. The generals strike at the pyramid but the strikes are reflected by some sort of magical shield. Hmm..... and the orc said: "But what shit! That stupid tower was down in a wink! Bull Shit!... eh no minotaurs around?"

Scarvael: Some discussions between minotaurs. I don't know when or where it is written:
"... work! ... work! ... WOOOOORK!" "Yes sir, yes sir, I am working", said Klanx. Brugzak the minotaur king answered to Klanx: "But you aren't doing nothing!, ehhh, anything...". Klanx now gotten angry and some lighting bolts came out of his head: "Look! A magical portal to our brothers is not as"
Scarvael: Then most is lost, some small pieces are remaining though:
"AAAAAH, I am going" - "Well, I don't know how I can" - "You better buy an a" - "instead of this usel" - "Hel".

Scarvael: The following letter was found in the capital of the plainsmen.
Greetings leader, I have to admit that our search for the sponge was fruitless. I hope wars around Paldor Mountain are still going smoothly? I heard the junglemen aren't worth much high in the mountains. I will promise I will find the sponge soon. Although I am a quite fussed. I searched all land, found all towers and visited all friendly capitals, though there was no sponge tower, anywhere. My men are losing hope but I am telling them we must go on, since Paldor relies on us. If you have any clues about the sponge, then please PLEASE let us know... signed off, Frali Reert.

Scarvael: The above pieces was all that could be recovered. Here are some scratches of text. I don't know when and where they were written or even found. I don't think they are of any use, but here you go:
"The bakery is burning, HELP!" Elves everywhere! Shall we unlea"
"Why an eruption on such an important time, the gods are a"
"When the light goes out, the gods of nature"
"Bulls everywhere!"
"When... I am going .... flee!"
"We must stay and protect, because this important structure of air must not fall into the hands of the ugly smelly terrible..."
"I am sitting in the gar..."
"My love! Where is my love! I want my love! I hate Dark Elves!"

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This world has been developed by Korneel Duyvesteyn. Send bugs, spelling mistakes, remarks, questions and other feedback about this world to him. He can issue rewards for possible bugs and spelling mistakes.
The introduction of this world has been written by Daniel Sundre (aka: Archimedes, Tyranosaur, Candor)
Spelling and General checks have been performed by Justin Frick (aka: JustOne)

Disclaimer Message from the creator: WoW games is NOT responsible for any bugs/unbalanced things on this world unless it is caused by the program itself or by other programs of the WoW team. This world has been checked by me and some people of great respect and experience so there aren't many (if any) bugs on this world and/or unbalanced things. My two previous maps, Khaydon and Ithilia, both seemed quite balanced even with very unbalancing game objectives. I hope everyone who plays this map will enjoy it!

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