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Worlds Heading.

The World Of Khaydon

"Laniatus terram malibus liberabit"

Many ages have past since where we now are: the current Khaydon. Once, Khaydon was home to many tiny miniscule creatures, until the Old Ones arrived from an another dimension. They developed some of these tiny creatures into beings that were able to work and fight. The species were called 'Lizards' and are the predecessors of the creatures which are currently known as Lizardmen.

Suddenly a terrible disease came, and the Old Ones died, except for one - Kirion, master of power. Kirion saw other species develop, the Elves, Dwarves and Humans. He set out expeditions to eradicate the newly developped races. He destroyed the Orcs, and the Humans. To his annoyance the Dwarves were a sturdy race, which didn't give up very easily. Also the Icelanders were a bunch of irritating guys, where they lived, no Lizardman could ever live. Kirion also didn't bother much about the High Elves and Dark Elves. They were in constant war, and didn't pose much of a threat. Kirion also possessed an item, known as the spirit root. With that thing, Kuan-Wu, home of the Lizardmen, looked very fertile - a truly awesome item.

When this was all done Kirion decided to travel beyond Kuan-Wu. His mental strength was very good, but his physical strength was not! He moved over the water, and found a vulcano. On the vulcano he encountered several never-seen-before creatures, like giant scorpions. When Kirion noticed their rather primitive way of thinking, he quickly made an end to their pathetic lives, but one creature was resistant to the mental attack. It was Arakar, old and beardy Dwarven runelord, living around, in and on the vulcano, friend of the local creatures. Arakar appeared hostile, and attacked with help from powerful Magical Items. The fight ended quickly. Even though Kirion knew himself to be invincible, he could not withstand Arakar. Arakar killed and took the spirit root and threw it into the vulcano - Arakar died 56 years later.

In the meanwhile The Dark Elves had finished off the High Elves. The Dwarves have rebuilt their empire. The Lizardmen were leaderless, and needed new mage priests and even the humans began flourishing again. Now, many centuries later, the lizardmen have new leaders. They will show the other races who the leaders of the world are!

There are 5 factions in this world:

FACTION #1 Lizardmen - Continent: Kuan-Wu

Once, Khaydon was a world totally inhabited by Lizardmen. After a while the other races began developing, The Lizardmen lost control of the situation when their great leader and lord Kirion found his death, the supremacy was over. The last Generation of New Ones founded a holy Alter to remember Kirion. They formed a great barrier around it securing that no mage priest should ever enter. The Alter was for powerfull heroes to enter and find new magic powers. Many of the other races want to control and (ab)use the great power contained in the Alter. The Lizardmen decided to defend their Altar with utmost determination, and to show the other races who were, and are, the leaders of Khaydon. If the Lizardmen manage to totally eradicate another race, Dark Elf, Humen or Dwarf, the remaining two races will stop their resistance, and try to flee from Khaydon before the Lizardmen can get them as well.
The Lizardmen are specialised in the working of water. They pay quite much time in researching new watery spells. The Old Ones also made a mighty artifact to secure no ships can enter their island Kuan-Wu. They are still in search of the personal artifact of Kirion. It is said the crops will flourish when that thing has been found. They are also masters of calling up the devastating Tornado where they want. No Lizardmen will ever practice the dark arts.

There are currently 7 Lizardmen Towns on Khaydon:

XLA-TEPEC - The youngest Lizardmen city has a great view over the eastern seas, and over the barren deserts of Xla-Tepec. This place used to be jungle, but the Dwarven hordes once conquered it, and cut down all trees.

XLARIAN - The oldest of lizardmen temple city is situated in the midst of the jungle of Kuan-Wu. Due to very humid and hot conditions this city is the home of many varying reptiles and unknown creatures. The holy Altar can be found in its backyard.

TIPIXANTEC - This temple city is laid in the midst of earth. These lizardmen haven't seen the daylight for centuries, and only feed themselves with trunks, and small insects living underground.

AERIATEPEC - This proud Lizardmen colony can be found in the skies. The palace of the current mage king is made of pure gems, and enjoys great respect among his people. This city is one of the greatest lizardmen temple cities in the world.

DABARTICI - Home to yet another Lizardmen folk. This city is famous of its chameleon assassins, because they are needed to prevent the dark elfs of getting near their ancient and precious temple city. Many a Dark Elf has found his end near Dabartici.

TENOCHTITLAN - The most isolated of the lizardmen ancient temple cities. They always have been a race of lizardmen fond of trading with orcish raiders coming from the southern seas of Kuan-Wu. These orcs do not seem to have a real 'homebase'.

HUIXI-REGARTEC - The city always practised farming at a very high rate. Due to a nearby Vulcano, the lands are all as fertile as a Lizardmen lady. Sometimes they are hindered by raiders of the snow, mysterious people entering Kuan-Wu from the north.

FACTION #2 Dwarves - Continent: Karobax

The Dwarves of Khaydon live on the warm island of Karobax. The Dwarves adore the hills and mountains nearby. They mainly use their magic to make precious magical items to increase the strength of their heroes. A great deal of time is spent on finding and inventing better items. Some Dwarven mages have specialised in the way the nature works; They especially use heat and fire in their magicks. They also use this heat in their building. It is said Dwarves can be build as fast as a Dwarvish Runner can run.
The great goal of the Dwarves in to invoke their gods to make the world full of mountains, hills and other iron-full regions. Every race will accept their supremacy then, but it will only be possible when they find, and take control of the Holy Altar of Kirion. The mages of the Dwarves will draw its power. The earth will tremble when that is reached - beards will have their growing speed dubbled, mountains and hills will come forth from the seas.

There are currently three Dwarven cities on Karobax:

GARABOR - City of one of the Hill Dwarven Kings. They are living so high in the mountains, that they actually live in the skies. The food is very sparse, but the precious gems, which can be found here in vast quantities make up the miss of food.

OLD KIRCHTEN - The Underdwarves prefere to live more near the ground. They live on the flat plains of Karobax. The always go mining in the nearby hills and mountains and have good contacts with the Dwarves of Arabar and Garabor.

ARABAR - This Hill Dwarven Colony is situated in the midst of the mountain plateau of Karobax. The people always fear that the lizardmen of Xla-Tepec will come for them, because of their grugde, because the Hill Dwarves of Arabar cut down all trees around Xla-Tepec many centuries ago.

FACTION #3 Humans - Continent: Ariatna

The Humans of Khaydon are living on the northern island, called Ariatna. They are very peaceful to each other, but also to other races. They want to make the world a better place, which can only be reached by finding, and taking control of the holy altar of Kirion, the once mighty Mage-Priest of the Lizardmen, and draw the power of the holy altar.
The humen wizards spend a great time on sitting behind their crystal balls, searching for the holy altar of Kirion in order to restore peace on Khaydon. One dervish clan managed to flee the onslaught of the Lizardmen and fleed to Ariatna.

There are 3 houses living on Ariatna:

NORE KJOLDEN - These icelanders once left the cold of the arctic regions in search for better places to grow large. The leaders of these houses were always concentrated on economics and trade. They are now settled on the most southern taiga's of Ariatna.

HALGON - This Dervish trade post was found many centuries ago. They were in constant war with the inhabitants of Ariatna, the icelanders, but now they have found peace with the Icelanders, and a great symbol of peace is standing in Halgon, remembering the peace on Ariatna.

KREGAR TOREN - These Icelanders never left the cold harsh environments on the arctic regions. They are in peace with the people of Halgon and Nore Kjolden, and they wish to remain so until the end of time arrives.

FACTION #4 Dark Elves - Continent: Cerialis

The Dark Elves eradicated the High Elves am age ago. They are now the only Elven race left on Khaydon. Their masters adore great buildings, the castles of the current Dark Elf commanders are the biggest of all, and all cities are surrounded by a high castle wall.
The Dark Elves never practised the druidic arts, their mind, body and way of thinking is purely dark. Their soul rippings will be long remembered in the Lizardmen chronicles.
The Goal of the Dark Elves is to make all people as wicked as they are themselves. This can be reached by snatching, and taking control of the Holy Altar of Kirion on Kuan-Wu. The dark gods will come alive when a dark elf mage enters the Holy Altar, all races will have their minds tormented.

The Dark Elves are all practising Black Magic.

There are three dark elf houses still remaining on Khaydon, situated on the island of Cerialis.

CAELIARIZ - This city is situated in the warm south of Cerialis. It contains the best practisers of the dark arts of all dark elves, because they can draw their strength from the nearby deserts.

HURATAR - This dark Elf house always gives great feasts because of the high food production nearby. They also build the most boats of all Dark Elf races. The forests provide them with enough wood.

BLARIAN - The Dark Elves of Blarian often live on ration. However, they always have plenty of iron and stone. Their castles are the biggest of all, and the walls reach up into the sky. The city is in the middel of Cerialis.


Far away in the cold south there is the home of the pirate orcs, the last remainors of the orcs holocaust ages ago done by the Lizardmen. They still haven't forgot this deed, but they know the mighty Lizardmen can easily 'dispatch' them, even without Kirion. They have been doing kind to the lizardmen, and now they are in quite good relationship with the Lizardmen, but in their tiny brains they still remember the holocaust. They will never be able to kill all Lizardmen, nor will they be able to steal the holy artifacts within Kuan-Wu. However, the saga of Kirion is well known in the Pirate Coast. They will search the artifact Kirion dropped in the hot vulcano long ago. The item what will cause tremendous quakes all over the world. The God Utrak Bonecrusher will come down to punish the Lizardmen and all other races for the evil they have done to the orcs with the help of that artifact.

The Orcs will rejoice, when the orcs can give the 'original' artifact to their God.

The Orcs have been blessed with mighty artifacts from their god Utrak. They are practising the druidic path.

PIRATE COAST - The home to the last remaining Orc clan. In their cold lands, they do not fear a great invasion of another folk. They are constantly in search of the vulcano where Arakar dropped the mighty artifact of Kirion after Arakar killed him.

Khaydon - A Scenario World

Khaydon is a scenario world, which means some things are slightly different compared to a 'normal' world. These are all the special features Khaydon offers:

This world has been developed by Korneel Duyvesteyn. Please contact the creator for questions and remarks concerning this world. His address is A designor's request: Please send all game related messages (trade with the outer world, news) with "Khaydon" and the subject of the message in the subject line (trade, news). The player number would also be nice to know. For instance: "WOW Game 16 Khaydon News turn 12 Player 8". Thanks ahead. I hope everyone who plays this maps enjoys it much!

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