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War of Wizards - Copyright WoW Games 1996-2005

Worlds Heading.


Although once a kind leader the King of Rodari has for many years now been regarded as a tyrant and responsible for many of the kingdoms woes. Huge taxes are enforced brutally, the whip finding any who can't pay. Press Gangs steal the young from villagers making them virtual slaves at the castle. Despite several poor seasons of crops, the starving peasants are forced to contribute nearly all they farm to catter for the many feasts at Castle Rodari.

The commoner population of Rodari has had enough. All they require is a strong leader to rise and guide them to reclaiming the kingdom from the clutches of their cruel monarch.


Highlanders are a human race who love the crisp air of the hills and mountains. They live a very traditional lifestyle, residing in clans. They are fierce warriors and wars between the clans frequently flare up. Their religion is two fold, believing in one god but also that the world also possess lesser gods known as the chosen ones. These chosen are virtually immortal barring complete decapitation. The immortals are both revered and feared, never accepted by any of the clans and forced to live in secrecy or wander the earth eternally.

Lillican - Hidden away in the hills, far away from Castle Rodari, the Highlander villages have rallied behind their wizard leader to free themselves from oppression. The hills by the sea are a perfect place from which to launch a revolution
NOTE: This is a solo game. You will be battling a horde of wandering monsters to try and conquer Castle Rodari and the evil behind the lands recent troubles.

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