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Worlds Heading.

The World Of Shadowmoth II: The Return

Shadowmoth is a large world of several continents and planes. The cities of this world had long been under the tyrannical rule of the Dreadlord, but with the return of the wizards and the banishment of the Dreadlord, Shadowmoth became a land of opportunity. With the common enemy removed, cities now turned on each other, all determined that they will be the one to remain.

This lead to the Great War. More destruction occurred than even in the days under the Dreadlord. After many years of war an alliance claimed victory and the surviving cities returned to peace.

Centuries passed. Even with their magically prolonged lives, the wizards who lead the cities of the Great War passed away and with them the lessons that had been learned. Now a new batch of apprentices have arisen. With silver tongues or gruesome threats, the modern cities of Shadowmoth are beginning to follow these enchanting leaders. The vast lands of Shadowmoth are a prize worth winning but at what cost.

The surface of Shadowmoth still consists of the main continent of Mooncrest and the two Islands of Firestone and Icelarna. Expanses of Astral Plane float above while the Shadow Stretch and Shadow Claw (now united) sit below in the Underworld. New sections of the Astral Plane and Underworld have been discovered and with them strange new races. The Great War was big but it appears The Return may even be bigger.


Amazons are a race of jungle dwelling warriors. Both their males and females are the fittest of nearly all humans.The Amazonian cities blend almost perfectly into the jungle. The Amazons are formidable opponents, especially in their own territory. Poison darts seem to fly from naught but trees at any that enter their domain. There are many Amazon cities scattered throughout the jungles of Shadowmoth.

HITE - This jungle, dominated by nature, still allows the Amazons of Hite to co-exist. However, any other races trying to enter will soon experience the crush of a python or the sucking of quicksand. If any were to survive the natural hazards a volley of poison blow darts would soon end their streak of luck.

DEEP VINLA - This jungle city is situated in the hollow of the Basfma Basin. The surrounding mountains shelter the tropical forest and its Amazonian inhabitants from the elements. Almost untouched by other civilizations, few make it far enough into the dense region to cross any of its people. The jungle provides the wood and food required to support their primitive but powerful culture.


NEW ZANITAR - Mount Casterton has become the site for New Zanitar. While the earth quakes in old Zanitar grew, the Volcano settled from its formerly volatile state, allowing the new settlement. These phenomenon were believe to have been performed by the gods of chaos, whose minions have reaped the benefits.

GAMBLATAR - The dark city of Gamblatar sits atop a high plateau in a corner of this Astral Plane. The cities powerful forces who were not included in the original Great War, are eager to display their might.

CLEAVER - Named after the preferred weapon of this regions residents, Cleaver can be a terrifying region for unwelcome visitors. Public butcherings of trespassers entertain the inhabitants of this city on a regular basis.

HELL HEIGHTS - Hell Heights continually battles the forces of Heavens' Rise who are trying to purify the area.


Dark Elves live exclusively in the Underworlds of Shadowmoth. Splitting from their High Elven cousins many millennia ago, the two are now almost as separate as humans and gnomes. The slim build, dark complexion and white hair of this race makes any dark elf stand apart from all others. Their society, dominated by priestesses, is one which revolves around combat and treachery. The dark elf society is divided into cities ruled by families known as houses. The houses of the underworld are constantly dueling each other for supremacy while still trying to evilly enslave all other races.

KLAZAR - The house of Klazar controls this city in the central Shadow Claw. It constantly masses armies to defend against the attacks of the other three houses in the area. House Klazar is known for it's particular affinity with the magic arts and hence is feared above all others by the enemy houses.

BLAZAR - Feared for its army of beasts, the city ruled by House Blazar is given a wide berth by all sensible creatures. The huge Temple of Darkness forms an imposing center piece to this city. Slaves are used as food for the beast pits rather than forced to work, making death preferable to capture when battling this house.

VLAZAR - This house wars the other three houses of the area with expert swordsmanship. The Dark Elven city produces some of the finest Duel Warriors ever seen. The dome shaped castle that looks over the city would be a wondrous sight if not for the dark mist which constantly hides it.

XLAZAR - The lowest ranked of the four Dark Elven houses located in the Shadow Claw is Xlazar. An ambitious group of young nobles intend to change this as the war council meets regularly to lay plans for legendary victories. Although small, Xlazar has some of the finest buildings in the underworld and resources to ensure that their expansion is not limited.

THRUSHBILE -This solitary Dark Elven house has formed a city far from any others of their race. This means that they are forced to turn their aggression to cities other than opposing houses. The city ensures that it is always protected by a guard of elite warriors - a guard which may march to attack as well as stand and defend.


The Dervishes are nomadic tradesmen of Shadowmoth. They may survive anywhere by trading for huge profit, no matter how few resources they may have. Many of the Dervishes are both merchants and scimitar wielding warriors, but frequently mercenaries are hired to do battle as well. They converse with all races yet can also stand alone against any.

STAR OUTPOST - With the fall of Crossroads, Star Outpost was founded as a new trading post on the Astral Plane. Many lessons have be learned from the Great War. Defensibility has been considered rather than pure trading exposure when placing and building this city.

GODS VEIN - The Dervishes have set up a successful mining colony extracting the wealth of this very rich vein of minerals. This newly discovered section of the underworld offers countless trade opportunities.


Gnomes are small demi-humans known especially for their weird and wonderful inventions. Another peculiar trait is their fast and continuous speech. In all Gnomish cities many inventors' workshops can be found. From these areas come contraptions that will both amaze and bemuse. Although the practicality of many of these inventions may be questioned the gnomes' creativity is one quality that makes them such a strong race.

JUNGOLIMBOLS - This settlement was formed in the jungle after one Gnomish experiment lead to the formation of a lava gushing volcano and the destruction of their old homes in the neighbouring region. The Gnome responsible, Finiasyyiplebal Digaholefartodeepforowngood, was banned from attempting any more thermal energy experiments for 100 years (a relatively short period in the lifespan of a Gnome). The new home provides plenty of food and proved to be quite defendable during the Great War.

HIABUVANYWERZUS - An ill thought out Gnomish experiment has led to this city being located on the edge of the Astral Plane. The Gnomes are constantly fascinated by their position and the make up of their region. The Astral Plane is able to mystify the simplest of minds but it keeps a Gnome constantly thinking for centuries.

DEAPUNDAROC - The Gnomish inventors of this city are constantly challenged to come up with defensive devices to repel the regular Dark Elf sieges. Deapundaroc is one of the few Gnome cities that remained underground rather than exiting to explore Shadowmoth. Despite the constant threat of Dark Elf invasion, the Gnomes live happy and content lives.


The Halflings are a joyful race of small demi-humans. Known for their lack of height and hairy toes, Halflings form together in towns known as shires. The Halflings favourite territory is hills, which they build their burrow homes in. The relaxed life-style of the Halflings can be vigorously defended when threatened. Halfling slingers and pony riders may quickly be gathered to repel any unwelcome visitors. Having highly developed agricultural skills and requiring little food for sustenance, the Halflings manage to survive prolonged sieges and have on many occasion won out with sheer patience - a quality their attackers severely lack.

MELHAY RISE - The peaceful inhabitants of this Halfling community adapted well to survive the Great War. Attacks can be spotted early and burrows sealed, from the high ground on which they are situated. Being the masters of farming, many a season's crop has been stored in barrels safely below ground. A network of tunnels allows the Halflings to continue existing for months without threat of outsiders.

GOTHAMER - The agricultural village of Gothamer has soils so fertile that the population has swelled to the size of a city. The Halfling farmers are renowned for their crops of large vegetables and barley. The barley is used to create some of the finest ale in the land.


Hill Dwarves are renowned everywhere in Shadowmoth for their skill as weapon smiths. The short stocky race also has a passion for forging the earth's minerals into many types of objects and artifacts. Unlike their Under Dwarf cousins the hill dwarves like to spend the majority of their time on Shadowmoth's surface. The hours spent by Dwarven smiths in the smelters have given the hill dwarves an armoury that makes all envious.

MISTLEVEIN - The strong Hill Dwarves of Mistlevein mine some of the richest materials in Shadowmoth from their mountains. The Dwarven city is actually a fortress, protecting their precious produce from the many enemies that come forth. Clans of Orcs were completely eliminated from the surrounding swamps in the Great War but now more seem ready to journey leagues to do battle. The Dwarven Citadel sits atop rolling hills over looking slushy swamps to one side and parched deserts to the other.

MUDVALE - The once thriving hills of Fairhale have been turned into a submerged bog. By angering a witch on one of his many adventures, Dwarven Lord Lowbeard brought this curse upon his City and people. Mudvale, a cruel nickname which has stuck, refers to the remaining collection of buildings. Forever stubborn, the Hill Dwarves shall not give up, and work ever harder to restore their city to its former glory. This tenacity brought them through the Great War virtually Unscathed.

ASTRAL DIGMAR - The Hill Dwarves residing here magically entered the Astral Plane many years ago, to use its plentiful supply of gems. The first settlers created this sister city of Kalintal and the craftsmen have successfully worked here ever since. Their wares were frequently traded with the Dervish city of Crossroad before its destruction in the Great War.


The High elves are one of the most ancient and noble races on the face of Shadowmoth. Long flowing blond hair, sharp facial features and a slight build are the characteristics that make this race stand apart. The architecture of the Elven cities is something many a traveler has journeyed to see in safer times, but now that troubled times approach, the cities will be seen as defensive strongholds rather than cities of great aesthetics.

FINILAS - The enchanted Forest of Finilas stands out like of jewel from the putrid swamp surrounds. The High Elves that populate Finilas are often referred to as the Moon Elves. Their pale skin and sparkling eyes remind many of the night sky. The Elves worship the moon gods and treat the nearby Inland Moon Lakes as a holy site. The Great War led to many bitter battles with the nearby Orcs but it hasn't tainted the purity of these people in any way. They remain a strong race that will hold out against evil, no matter the odds.

GALIFIL - The tree top city of Galifil is home to a large number of high elves. Sitting in the tall oaks of the ancient forest, archers protect the High Elves from any aggressors below. In the workshops up high, the craftsmen carve the forest's wood into many valuable and useful works.


FINTON HEIGHTS - These rolling hills contain the ruins of the Halfling shire that was destroyed in the Great War. In the centuries since, these hills have been settled by Highlanders.

HEAVENS' RISE - Heavens' Rise is inhabited by the highest of Highlanders. They nobly fight against the evil forces of Chaos to try and secure the heavens for the forces of good.


ICEVALE - Although the former inhabitants of this region referred to themselves as Ice Dwarves, the elders of their race knew that they were decedents of Hill Dwarves exiled from the mountains. After victory in the Great War they returned to their mountain home, leaving the city of Icevale to the previously nomadic Icelanders.


HIKVALIS - The Wretched Swamp formerly contained the cursed High Elves of Hikvalis. After gaining freedom in the Great War, they soon made a return to their nearby forest home. The ruins of Hikvalis have recently become inhabited by the Lizardmen of the swamp.

FLICKSTAR - These strange lizard like creatures reside on the equally unusual Astral Plane. They spend their existence battling the Chaos Minions between which their city is caught.


Minotaurs are clearly one of the most fearsome races to frequent Shadowmoth. Their culture, revolving around the warriors, ensures that only the strongest survive. Standing 8 to 10 feet tall with a bull's head atop a human torso they intimidate any they meet in battle. The proud Minotaur cities revolve around a class system - the Minotaur nobles are the strongest and greatest of the race. The natural aggression of the race leads to a continual struggle to gain status through brawling with other members. The labour is all performed by slaves of other races. Kobolds are kept in pits beneath the city. Peasants, the lowest class of Minotaur, wield whips to flail the minor races to work or death. Any who venture near the cities of Minotaurs generally find themselves joining the ranks of slaves.

FLASHMAR - Atop the rolling hills stands the city of Flashmar. The scene of many wars and sieges. A key central city in Northern Mooncrest, it has been inhabited by many races over the centuries. The last one hundred and fifty (including The Great War) years being occupied by a fearsome clan of Minotaurs.

GRANDFOR -Standing high atop the mountains sits the proud Minotaur city of Grandfor. Lines of Kobold slaves haul supplies from all around to the pinnacle on which the city stands. Many collapse and die being flailed to death by a Minotaur's whip. The hot conditions of Firestone Island do not worry the huge beasts who are settled and will not move for any army or other menace. The Minotaurs figured prominently in the Great War and Grandfor held against several sieges.

AZIR - Minotaurs are rumoured to be the only race to have their origins on the Astral Plane. The twin cities of Azir and Riza give some support to this theory. Azir is the most well developed city on the plane having structures dating back thousands of years. Azir is the southern most of the twin Minotaur cities.

RIZA - Riza is the more modern of the twin Astral cities. Although younger, Riza has a population to match that of Azir. The two cities are competitive in many ways, leading to disputes which often result in war. Recently the two cities have been at peace, both considering reforming the alliance which was so successful in the Great War.


BOMBAS - This is the first Ogre city to come into contact with the known world of Shadowmoth in the years that followed the Great War. The Ogres are desperate to expand out of their cramped surroundings.

DISTARC - This is one of the oldest Ogre cities in Shadowmoth. Like all cities in this section of underworld, it was not involved in or threatened by the original Great War.

HUL - A large number of dwellings are formed in hollow Stalagmites. The Ogres have built very little and only use natural formations. Strong but simplistic, the Ogres are keen to capture other races and their knowledge.

LAK - These underworld caves house the fearsome Ogres of Lak. Eager for war, the Ogres will not mind which city they are to sack first.


These evil creatures are renowned for their ruthlessness and lack of compassion. There are many Orcish kingdoms spread across the world of Shadowmoth, all places of pure evil.

GARASHLINT - Garashlint is home to the sole survivor of what was once many swamp Orc clans in the area. Their particular ruthlessness against other clans and races during the Great War led to their survival. The stagnant swamp in which they still reside only swells the anger and hatred of this clan.

DEEP MALISH - The Orcs hide in this city from the harsh sun in the world above. Having given up almost all hope of a better life, the Orcs dwell here waiting for death. Constant bickering between themselves is all that keeps their pitiful society going.

BARREN CAVERN - The Orcs scrape enough resources to survive in this region. Regular raids into the surrounding shires has allowed the city to prosper.


Plainsmen live off the land of their home region. They are tribal in nature and manage to exist in harmony with both animals and nature. They also produce a great number of highly skilled warriors and tradesmen combining to make a powerful force.

RIANSDALE - The lush plains of Riansdale support a large population of Plainsmen. The plentiful food creates a happy society without care or threat. The population spends their days hunting and farming, while most nights are filled with festivities.

GOISH - These once fertile plains of Icelarna have succumbed to the bitter cold becoming frozen tundra. The plainsmen residents of Goish may soon move to the nearby thawed grasslands. The Plainsmen have a well developed city however and will most likely persist with the cold for the structures they have built.


The Sandpeople are a mysterious race of desert dwellers. Few know how they survive in such a barren environment or how their society functions. The only contact others seem to have is having caravans raided under the cover of sand storms. These people seem to appear and disappear into the sand itself. It is rumoured that there are many great cities of Sandpeople in the deserts of Shadowmoth.

MIVSALAR - The haze of this flat desert some how hides the massive Sandpeople city of Mivsalar. The people of the area know enough oases and caves to be able to live with ease in the harsh environment. Travelers or scouts who venture close enough to spot the city are soon disposed of, making a guess of it's size or status impossible to other races.

DALIBAR - Situated in the Great Western Desert, a thick cover of buildings forms the largest city on the surface of Shadowmoth. It is a huge population that few outsiders are aware of. Surrounded by Ocean and more desert the Sandpeople of Dalibar have managed to maintain the isolation they desire. This is one factor that helped them survive The Great War.

JAVAC - This city of sand is situated on a strange border between The Great Western Desert and Forest. The Sandpeople of Javac are some of the few members of their race who communicate with outsiders. Although not engaging in dialog, trade has commenced with the High Elves, situated in the nearby forest. For their plentiful supply of gems the people of Javac receive wood to expand their city and build their armies.

SAND HAVEN - The city of Sand Haven is situated in the Sand Caves beneath the Great Western Desert. The natural springs and rock pools make this a natural oasis beneath the dry surface above. The Sandpeople rarely have the need to venture up into the desert and do so with extreme caution.


Under Dwarves are stocky demi-humans who spend the majority of their time in the tunnels and caverns of Shadowmoth.They are masters of obtaining the ground's wealth, and mine in constant pursuit of the sacred metal Mithril. The dwarves spend their days mining the metals, which make the weapons that they battle their enemies with.

KHAYMAY - This Under Dwarf mining settlement of Khaymay has grown to such an extent that it is now referred to as a city. Shifts of Dwarves work the mine shaft constantly, unearthing many precious metals. The bellows are also constantly working to process the ores found.

MITSALON - This is the first Under Dwarf settlement outside the Shadow Stretch. The experiment appears to be a success with a strong group of healthy Dwarves mining and smeltering the metals of the region. The choice to settle in a peaceful area on the end of Shadow Claw has proven to be a wise decision.

WHIBING HALL - The dwarves of Whibing Hall are constantly training troops to defend against the ongoing Dark Elven attacks. Those not training are working as weapon smiths, producing strong reliable weapons to slay scrawny elves with.

UNITING TUNNELS - This large Under Dwarven project has linked the underworld sections of Shadow Claw and Shadow Straight. Many diggers from the project still reside in the camp which has become a city.

VOPEHALL - Although still residing in the underworld, the dwarves of Vope Hall are the first to consider venturing to the surface - a move which has enraged the elders - but the youth of the Hall yearn to explore the surface and conquer its wealth as the Under Dwarves did back in the Great War..


RIVERS GROVE - Dividing the Eastern Firestone Sea in half is Rivers Grove. A city is formed on the river Hilton from which the famous Elven fleet often sails. Over the centuries the control of the city has shifted from the royal blooded High Elves to their cousins the Wood Elves. The High Elves who reside in the city are famous shipwrights and navigators. The beautiful city blends almost perfectly into the forest - the difference between city, grove and woodlands is very difficult to distinguish.

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