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War of Wizards - Copyright WoW Games 1996-1998

Worlds Heading.

The World Of Westentasia

Westentasia, is a very small world. With only six cities, all under the control of Gnomish mayors. The leadership of wizards is now needed to take over these cities, and hence take total control of all the lesser races that are not yet as sophistocated as the Gnomes in this world. These gnomes, although smart and great builders have lacked the abiltiy to converse with the outside would. Until now.
The world of Westentasia, was created by a very logical god and hence is of a very symetrical nature. Hence those wizards who like perdictability will enjoy this small but interesting world.
The cities in this world were all built on top of large gem mines with deposits that seem to be endless. So magic will be very prominant within this world.
Starting wizards in this world get a very large initial research points value. This will allow them to get stuck right into magic very early on in the game. They also start with a few more basic buildings completed, larger population and more starting resources.


Gnomes are small demi-humans knownespecially for their weird and wonderful inventions. Another peculiar traitis their fast and continuous speech. In all Gnomish cities many inventors' workshops can be found. From these areas come contraptions that will both amaze and bemuse. Although the practicality of many of theseinventions may be questioned the gnomes' creativeness is one quality that makes such a strong race.

WESTOCK- Situated in the west of this world. A small gnomish workshop grew into a bustling town and hence with time into a large city.

EASTOCK - Situated in the east of this world. A large city of Gnomes that has been around for as long as all the residents can remember.

VONNORTH - Situated in the north of this world. The gnome clans of the east and the west, had a dispute hundreds of years ago. That dispute had lead to two gnome armies marching towards each other, heading north as the Ringwon Ocean was in the way. As the distance travelled very large, and as the mayors who had had the dispute didn't bother to go along with the army. The army captians had all forgotten that they were going to fight enemy Gnomes So by the time they meet each other they dicided that they must be just friends. They also couldn't be bothered walking all that way home again so they founded the city of VONNORTH.

VONSOUTH - Situated in the south of this world. A gnomish hunting party, that was equipped with the latest in Gnomish navigation technology, whilst returning home to VONNORTH, found that when they got to where it was supposed to be according to their device, that it wasn't there. They thought that their breathen while away had had a terrible accident, and that the city had vanished. So they took it upon then selves to start building a new city. Many years later the gnome that had lead the hunting party, looked at his navigation equipment again, turning it over he found some instructions that said, "Hold this way up". He had been holding it upside down and walked to the other side of the world. "Opps". He said, and promptly left the now bustling new city he had helped built, and starting walking home, to VONNORTH.

WONASTRA - Situated in the astral plane of this world. These gnomes had a craving for the high places. They built a device that would take them up and up. Eventually the found the Astral Plane. As they hadn't built a down button into their device, that stayed in the Astral Plane and founded a new city.

WONUNDER - Situated in the underworld. Gnomes that were afraid of the light, (They can be a paranoid race at times.) fled the light places and headed for the underworld. Here a city grew. Though occasionally gnomes get inquisivity about the bright sunlight and venture back into the overworld, and rejoin their kinsmen.

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