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WoW Yahoo Group Information


How to subscribe to the WoW Yahoo list. Go to the following link. Once you register your email address and setup a password for your email address you will be able to easily subscribe to the WoW list. As soon as you have requested a subscription you will be able to view all the past archived email, receive all new mail and contribute to the list at will.

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Once you have subscribed to the list you can go to the user center on the site and change your details. These details also allow you to add an email alias address. This is useful if you will be sending email to the list from more than one email address.

* War of Wizards Group GENERAL INFORMATION

The Yahoo Groups service was chosen for a number of reasons. These are below.

* War of Wizards Group LIST - NOTES AND OBJECTIVES

The WoW list objectives are as follows please take note of these when participating in list discussions.

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