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Game 12 Blurbs.
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  • PLAYER 1 - Quaan Satansheart


    Quaan Satansheart

     Quaan Satansheart arrived to his new home 3 days after the day he was born. He already looked like a 10 year old. This concerned Thalis deeply. Every time he turned around during the trip, Quann looked alittle older. Thalis wasn't sure what to do about this. When he told his master that he would take Quaan when he was born, he figured that he would have a few years to wait to start him as his apprentice. By the speed of this kids growth, he needs to start now. He already had the gift, Thalis could see this, or better yet, can feel this.

     Deep in trance the night before, Thalis had foreseen what he already suspected, that the power of the three would be unequaled. Each separately would make formidable wizards, but together they would be unstoppable.

     In the years that followed, Quaan learned from Thalis. Learned to control his emotions, especially his anger and love, for Thalis feared that Quaans love was more deadly than his anger. Afew years back, Quaan had found a wounded dove, and decided to nurse it back to health. Well he and the dove ended up sticking together, even after the dove was back to full health. One day Quann apparently found that he loved the bird, and with a simple kiss on it's beak, killed it.


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  • PLAYER 2 - Dierdriu

    Dierdriu, diary

    My name is Dierdriu. I'm not born in this world. When I came into Shadowmoth, I lost many memories of before, but I remember me the battle.


    On the way to my homeland, my friends and I rode into a trap of Mishtron, a mighty dark wizard. His army of undead attacked us, with Mishtron standing aside, looking at us.

    We fought hours, slaining a good deal of his army, loosing a few. Suddenly, the sky darkened and swirled around us all. Mishtron had started an enchantment.

    I recognised a teleportation spell, and thinking he wanted to escape, wove a Spell of Holding. I tried to keep Mishtron with us, to capture him once and for all.

    Unfortunately, Mishtron wasn't teleproting himself, he was teleporting us ! So, when both spells were finished, he teleported us out, and my spell kept him with us, taking him along the portal.

    And them happened the accident.

    The two spells didn't worked together, they blocked and changed each other. An explosing of a random teleport in the destination world was the result.

    That blast knocked my unconsious.


    Upon awakening, I found myself entangled in a coastal jungle, with a bunch of young women around me, all armed.

    They were clothed in green, with spots of color, like flowers in the jungle. One of them, the oldest, had a shining red belt around her waist.

    My whole body hurted, I remembered still not what had happened, so I just looked at them.

    The woman with the red belt asked me something, pointing to the jungle.

    I didn't understood, and said so. On the puzzled faces, I saw they understood me neither.

    Looking in the direction she pointed to, I saw a city I hadn't noticed the first time. It was build in the trees, and the camouflage was almost perfect.

    The leader of the group (I suppose the red belt was the sign of the leader)took my arm and pulled gently, pointing still to the city. She released my arm abrubtly when I whinced. It was broken.

    Whithout a thought, almost instinctively, I mended it with magic.

    I couldn't have envisioned the commotion that started.

    They looked scared, affraid. One threatened me with her spear, but the leader held her back.

    Now that I know their language and history, I can understand why.

    Gilitia city

    The last shaman that lived in the city Gilitia had given the city elders some of his knowledge of the future in the following riddle :
           When the mage enters the inner lands,
           He binds Gilitia to his hands,
           And the lands receive a carpet,
           Of war and men that fled.

    So they holded away all the men from their lands, to avoid a mage to enter Gilitia.

    But they hadn't the knowledge of the existence of female mages, like me.

    And when I fell through the portal on their coast, it was to late. They were bound to me, as I was to them.

    As time passed, I learned the language of this world, and gave advice when they asked me. I helped where I could, as wel magical as mundaine, and they came to thrust me.

    After some years, they asked me to become their queen, as we were bounded together, and help them to survive the coming wars.

    My friends ? Mishtron ?

    In the meantime, I asked traders and wanderers informatins about my old company, from our homeworld. There was Flynn, Amairgen, Bricriu, my husband Cormac and others.

    I don't know if they survived the teleportation, or were they are, but one day we will be united, and we will hunt down Mishtron, and demand retribution.

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  • PLAYER 3 - Nameless Wizard

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  • PLAYER 4 - Makra

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  • PLAYER 5 - Sirikul

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  • PLAYER 6 - Garagh Ulmspitter


    There was a light and a muted thump, and then everything was dark...

    Stargazer shook his head. A small groan emitted from his lips as darkness turned into a swirling of colours and sparks.
    The pain in his head made him crouch over and rest his head on the ground before him.
    He gulped in water.
    Jerking his head back and greeting the pain that followed it, he sat on his rump, resting his head in his arms, trying to collect himself.
    After a few minutes the pain had subsided somewhat, but when he tried to open his eyes, it all became a blur of colours and shadows.
    The sound of somthing splashing beside him suddenly made him aware of his vulnerability.
    Extending his arm, he tried to reach whatever had made the splashing.
    His hands were suddenly snapped together and encircled by a string of some sort, and he felt a swift pain in the back of his head before darkness overcame him again.

    Coming to his senses again, Stargazer noticed that he was hanging upside down from some elevated point.
    He closed his eyes, and tried to concentrate despite the pain in his skull.
    Something must have gone wrong again...
    He was certain he had finally found the right combination so he could return to his former plane, but he knew something had to have gone wrong...
    There had never been water on the ground in his home-land, so perhaps he had overdone the teleportation bit, and just appeared another place in Varlania?
    Voices near him began to get clearer, and slowly he could start recognizing the dialect the creatures around him spoke... Orcish...
    Just what he needed... A bunch of orcish grunts that would barely be able to understand common sense.
    Sight came back to him, and he could start apraising his situation.
    He was hanging head-down from a large tree, and several orcs where preparing a small fire near him while giving him hungry glances.
    the terrain around him seemed very wet, almost....
    Stargazer gave a groan. Not a swamp. Anything but a swamp. He could get diseases such a place
    The orcs had noted their upcomming dinners sound, and wlked over and prodded to it with big grins.
    While he wasn't anywhere near fat, it was clear he was a prime meal for these wretched creatures.
    Stargazer suddenly noted something.
    He was corporal again..
    At least something must have went right in his experiment.
    Seeing that the campfire was nearing completetion, Stargazer knew he had to make his move before the orcs got too used of thinking of him as food.
    Mumbling the words to the fireball spell, he silently smiled to himself. Maybe that would teach the orcs something about new food.
    His smile stiffened as he realised his spell had not gone off.
    This could mean only one thing... He had arived at a new plane again.
    Cursing his ill-luck he quickly mumbled the spell of freedom.
    Thankfully that was one of the few spells that were universal, causing him to fall down to the ground amongst the confused orcs.

    Jumping up and dodging the swing from a crude club, Stargazer smashed his fist into the throat of one orc while the other hurried to weapons.
    One down, 3 to go.
    They started to circle him, carefull now that their food seemed to be able to defend itself.
    While taking a defensive stance, he let all the spells he knew fly through his mind, letting the slight reverbations some of them gave off in him, dictate to him which of his magics where still useable. Most of the combat oriented were gone.
    Only a single one were left to him, and as the 3 orcs jumped at him in unison, he muttered the words he had not used for so long time.

    Looking at the dead bodies of the orcs, Stargazer muttered the reversal spell, and his arm slowly became normal again.
    How he hated that spell, but at least it kept him alive the few times he needed it.
    After having recovered from the spell, he checked out his nearest surroundings.
    It was clear he had arived at a swamp, and these orcs certainly indicated that the area was populated, menaing he might be able to get a place to research again.
    He had to find out what had gone wrong this time, and why he had this weird feeling of not being himself...
    Sometimes, voices that were his own, yet not from himself spoke to him in his mind. Questioning him, yet not him but another person. It was almost enough to go insane from.
    He had to find a place to research magick again, if he could only find a town to take control of...

    After a few days wandering in the swamp, He came upon the Orc town of Camoth...


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  • PLAYER 7 - Horshak the Ravager

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  • PLAYER 8 - Jarelon Tarsyk

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  • PLAYER 9 - Tarnig Delzus

    Let Me greet  You trusted
    Wizards, who walk the
    World of Shadowmoth
     I'm the Ruler of the Amazon Kingdom
    which had once be ruled by N'CogN'To.
       After N'CogN'To decided to expand our jungle-empire many
    things occured at the Court of  Deep Vinla. Messages were
    received from different races which the former ruler of the
    Amazons was not interested to reply to. That was the case why
    some of your messages hadn't been answered untill now.
    I'm very sorry about that and could just offer a hand
    to all of you, who like a new contact with my domain!
    But I heared that there are others of my kin out
    there walking the world of Shadowmoth.
    If you are a leader of an other
    Amazon tribe let me know!
     We can no longer forget what the forces mandrake call his
    own done to my kin. that's why we took up our arms and conquer
    back regons he stole from the kingdom of Deep Vinla. We tried
    to negotiate with him, but he thought it not necessary to answer
    our offers of peace. The only way i can take this is to defend
    the ground and free the inhabitants.
    Legend of Beryl
    Many centuries ago the people of Deep Vinla were a folk of
    farmers and hunters who lived their lives without the threat
    of war. The jungles gave them everything they needed and that
    was the reason why most of my people didn't train in the arts
    of combat.  Most of them didn't expect the forces of the Dark Lord.
    His forces fell into the jungles  likerats and slaughtert every
    being foolish enough to face them. The inhabitants of the
    jungle tried to bravely sell their lives at all costs to save their
    homes but couldn't stand a chance against the looting warriors!
    The losses were uncounted and the dark forces played devilish
    games with the corpsesof the fallen.
    Those people who thought that they could spare their lives by
    lying down their arms sold their existence to slavery. Those
    Times are known as the Days of dark Tears to my folk. The
    Dark Lord ruled the Jungles of Deep Vinla under a tight grip
    that didn't stand a chance for a rebellion. Untold stories
    about the foul deeds of his forces are known to me but let me
    just tell you, that my ancestors had to suffer under the foul moods
    of the Dark Lord.
    But after long months of pain and hunger some of the remaining
    wounded warriors buld up an secret brotherhood against the
    Dark Lord. they trained the young and gathered weapons for
    the right moment to come. one of the youths was the son of
    the smith, his parents gave him the name berylariom, but he
    was only known as Beryl. as the time went by he grew
    in age and stature.
    At the age of fifteen one of the dark warriors caught an eye
    on his mother which still looked lovely though she had seen
    much pain and sorrow yet! After his father used his hidden
    sword to seperate the head from the beings torso. In the
    struggle Beryl and his mother and some other women with
    their children escaped in an unguarded moment!
    From this time Beryl and the others were told not to go near
    the forces of the Lord and the village they called home. After
    a time of four Years passed the grown up men decided to scout out
    the village and reclaim the lost ground. in the last years everybody
    increased fighting skills and thought that now would
    be the right time to revenge the deaths of their folk!
    One day an unaware scouting party patroled the nearby woods.
    It counted ten men armed and chained, but weak in their awareness,
    because they didn't expect an ambush. As they entered the Grove
    several of them died of poisoned darts who hit them like bees in their
    backs. The next minutes could be only explained as mercilessly
    slaughter and revenge for the losses!
    To be continued ....
    taken from the Tomes of Beryl by L'Aneith,
    Senechal of the Library of Deep Vinla
    Tarnig Delzus
    Ruler of the amazon tribes which united under N'Cogn'to
    seeker of truth and wisdom for the welfare of his kin
    member of the Alliance of light
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  • PLAYER 10 - Macro

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  • PLAYER 11 - Turgeon

    Born many miles away from his current home in the Great Western Desert
    of Shadowmoth, Turgeon learned to survive by himself at an early age. 
    His parents, slain by Skeletal Dragons, in an attack on their home city,
    left him alone, at an young age, with no one left to provide guidance. 
    So Turgeon had no choice, he started travelling, encountering
    interesting people, that knew all sorts of skills.  Some of these people
    would share their knowledge with him.  Most of these people were
            Turgeon learned quickly and soon his power began to grow.  In
    adolescence he started to create his own spells, by letting himself
    become one with the magic that he knew was in him.  He was soon followed
    by a reputation second to none.  He was becoming powerful indeed.  
            Turgeon knew that this could be his downfall, so he quickly set
    out to
    find a "less traveled" area of Shadowmoth.  He found it after many years
    of travel, in the Great Western Desert.  Here he could practice his
    magic in peace.  In time, he had created a huge fort, using only magic
    as his building tool.
            Disguised by the swirling winds of the desert, Turgeon knew he
    would be
    safe here.  Every once and a while Turgeon would hear of news from the
    outside, about a crazy wizard that lives in the desert.  These rumors
    caused Turgeon to become even more secluded.  It was soon after that he
    encountered others like him (although not NEARLY as powerful).  They
    were called Sand People, and they were awed by the size of Turgeons
    castle.  He quickly took these people in, as they provided workers, so
    he could concentrate on more important things (namely growing in power).
    Soon, there were hundreds of these Sand People in his castle, and
    Turgeon believed that soon he would have a force that could crush
    Shadowmoth, and make it his.  
            He knew not much about the Outside world, only that there were
    others like him.  Some that would perhaps help him, while others would
    surely wish to destroy him.  Perhaps his knowledge of magic would turn
    the tide in his favor.  He could only find out in one way...

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  • PLAYER 12 - Quintus

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  • PLAYER 13 - Archimedes

    Galifil, prosperous home to a large population of
    High Elves, is lead by the benevolent wizard Archimedes.
    A well rounded society with a passion for wisdom, the
    Elves of Galifil spend much of their time with craftsmanship.
    They find the wonders and beauties of their hard work only
    motivates them all the more - better than a whip, anyway.
    After a hard day at constructing these magnificient structures,
    they enjoy an evening of drinking and story telling. Of course,
    they have hang-overs in the morning. But, as long as they
    churn out there quotas, Archimedes is pleased with the tax
    burdened populace.
    Archimedes spends most of his time locked away studying great
    magics. The guards occassionally forget to unlock the doors,
    so Archimedes must resort to a minor unlock spell to get out.
    Magical knowledge from around the island is constantly being
    gathered, studied and committed to the new tombs of knowledge.
    Room for all this research gathering is always at a premium
    and new buildings to store this knowledge are high on the 
    priority list. Of course, not many Elves in Galifil know how
    to read... Okay, education is lacking...
    Many Elves have taken up the sport of fishing. (A good way to
    avoid being around Archimedes for too long). Long excursions
    at sea and no taxes to pay, the fisherelves of Galifil probably
    have it the best of all the Elves.
    Another method Elves have taken up to avoid the hideous taxes
    they pay (and working for that slave driver Archimedes) is to
    join the military. Most prefer learning the bow or riding
    the horse. Nearly all prefer to not fight as they don't
    enjoy dying (trying to avoid death and taxes works for only
    so long though).
    Imports are always welcome in Galifil. Trade is robust with
    the neighboring coutries. Expansion of trade with other parts
    of the world is always of interest. As Archimedes puts it, 
    "If they don't trade, we'll take it. If we can't take it,
    we're in trouble!"
    Battle tactics used by the Elves are very simple: Throw alot
    of mercenaries at 'em. If they die, we'll buy more! (Elves
    still prefer to pay high taxes than they do dying) Typically,
    only the best types of troops are hired to do all the dirty
    work. This way, the amount of ships and other resources used
    is minimal. 
    When it does come to war, the Galifil Elves have a unique
    style of combat that they employ. Simply put, wait until they
    look the other way and then club 'em on the head! 
    *** A Special Note Here: THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO ALLIES!
    Diplomacy is always a touchy issue with Archimedes. He tends
    to think of it as a popularity contest. He did once win an
    award in school for "Most Likely to Be Ignored". Charisma
    has never been Archimedes' strong point. 
    World Domination - Megalomania is not a common Elfin trait.
    Think about it. Let's say you control 1/20 of the world 
    right now and you want to control all the world. That means
    there would be 20 times the current amount of paperwork when
    you do control the world! Not many Elves aspire to this!

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  • PLAYER 14 - Arc Welder

    news 19

    The Infinity Split

    As Told By The Old Ones

    Everything was black. Black and untouched. Infinite. Time and space had no meaning here and oblivious of these strange concepts an entity came to awareness. The Infinity Entity.
    Awareness is a strange thing as one must realize the state of awareness before being truly aware. The entity, well occupied with itself, eventually got aware. It took an aeon or two but that didn`t matter; time had no meaning.

    Thus the entity was. Knowing of it self, of its' self, it probed deeper inside, only to find itself. The entity was all alone inside and concluded where there is inside there must be outside. Intrigued by the prospect of outside it wandered to the very border of itself. Only now it realized the concept of space and being infinite, it knew.

    Thus the entity was space. Within an instant the blackness was the entity. Crawling it filled the infinite space. Puzzled the entity grabbed and lounged but couldn't cross its' own confines. Painstakely it withdrew from the border of infinity, deciding to trail one step behind.

    Thus the entity was time. After another aeon it got bored of following behind its own infinity and decided to accelerate time. Grief fell upon the entity as it realized, time wouldn't bow to the infinity entitys' whims. Terrified the entity raced after the border of the blackness but with each step closer the darkness grew one step. Tired of the endless chase the entity decided to rest. Soon it fell asleep.

    Thus the entity was the elements. In the restless slumber the needs, hopes and fears of the entity manifested and became physical bodies. Soon bubbles of fire, earth, water and air drifted in the blackness, attached to the entity through fine nearly invisible strings.
    Whenever these bubbles collided, new, bigger and more diverse enclaves emerged. Colorful and bristling with energy the biggest of all enclaves stabilized, drawing smaller bubbles into them. This took another aeon, but the infinity entity didn't notice.

    Thus the entity was life. Still asleep the entity grew more restless and still more dreams emanated from it. More complex and fragile these dreams needed a fixed environment to exist and clung to the bubbles. There were infinite numbers of bubbles and the new creations became creatures within these bubbles. Soon, in infinite scale, all bubbles were crowded by creatures but still the entity was asleep.

    Thus the entity was sentience. More and more vicious were the dreams of the entity and the results from these dreams led to a constant struggle for dominance over the bubbles. First creatures tried to hide or run from the new, vicious creatures but eventually they tried to resist. And in some, by far not all, bubbles they succceded. They established their own order of life and the thread holding these bubbles to the entity got even thinner.

    Thus the entity was the spirits. The free bubbles grew in themselves and without the entity's input they developed and diversified. Only the most wise of the creatures in these bubbles remembered a time when there was another, a bigger, a far more powerful being and through ways only vaguely mundane they were able to contact this being.

    Thus the entity was magic. The wise creatures, the sentient creatures finally were able to contact the entity and with a sudden jerk it awoke. In this moment several of the thin strings were cut and in great tumbling fires and bursts these unfortunate bubbles were destroyed. It quickly became clear that the bubbles were dependant from the entity. Once the thread was lost, the bubbles inevitably died. The infinite being, the entity, knew it was chained to these bubbles as these bubbled were chained to it.

    Thus the entity was death. Carefully and without haste the entity set itself up to maintain, to holdfast, the existing bubbles. Not only saw it its' duty but also the beauty of the bubbles. It tended each and everyone with great care and was fascinated by the quick change in the bubbles. Soon. all too soon, the bubbles were crowded with creatures and the elements started to decay, to rot and to wither. Existence was miserable and never would the resources suffice for all. After long and serious thinking the entity decided to end some creatures' lives. And the dying begun.

    Thus the entity was good. Though killing the entity was caring. Only creatures who suffered from seriously damaged or broken bodies were killed. In the first millenias the death toll was high but with time the circumstances grew better and all creatures were provisioned. Unfortunatly the most vicious creatures realized there advantage and damaged bodies on purpose. The entity, deeply involved in its task, simply removed them from the bubbles and carried on.

    Thus the entity was evil. After some time it realized the abuse and the deeds by the vicious creatures and acted in anger. Quickly it severed the threads to those bubbles where the vicious creatures prevailed. All of them died. But soon it realized the falseness of its actions and groveled in deep sorrow. Never again should its' unawareness lead to death.

    Thus the entity split. Concluding the ways and deciding on a way the infinity entity split itself. Each bubble should be monitored by one of its manifestations. And as the infinity split occured the powers of infinity split also. Each shard of infinity remained in power of the elements, the spirits, the life and the death. But it lost control over the two newest traits, good and evil. No longer could it judge and see the truth.

    Thus there is a champion. To maintain a guard nontheless the infinity split opted to crown a champion of order and chaos, a master of luck and death. This champion should act as representative of the infinty entity. As each bubble has a portion of the entity each bubble has a champion of the infinity split. To this day.

    As Told By The Old Ones

    Of Order and Chaos

    Is it time? Yes, it is. Once again we must choose. Our sworn duty is to maintain guard, to hold fast. She who is us has a great responsibilty for this place. Our very own children, the dreams we dreamed are here and we have to watch for them. It is our duty. He who we are wouldn't approve of a bad choice and we must look carefully. So many qualified, so little space to choose. Time is short and we have learned the hard way. It of which we are part shall not be disappointed again.

    The creatures of this bubble have gone to great length to undo our last choice. They called him evil, we must have judged wrongly. Our failure shall not ruin them again. Fragile are these bubbles and we must not forget that we are responsible. We can't neglect it. Thus let us search very thourough. Many promises but who will fulfill? That one? No, we doubt it. We must be careful and serene. We opt for the one in the clouds. He is a master of the elements, the creatures value him greatly and the creatures have proven their judgement. While we have failed, we know. We must not forget. Then, be it the one? Yes, be it the one. We have chosen.

    He awoke. The pillow was wet with sweat. Frantically TheArcWelder struggled to escape his dreams, the voices. The voices were everywhere, barely audible, never quite understanding what they say. He sat on the rim of his bed, rubbing his temples with both hands. Silently he muttered to himself and with a deep sigh he stood up. A long day was ahead and a multitude of tasks called for his attention. He walked over to a small and severly overstuffed table. A water-filled can, a huge bowl, a piece of soap and a bowl of strawberries. Automatically the ArcWelder moved his fingers and mumbled the ritual words and the water turned from cold into pleasant warm. After cleaning his face and squishing a strawberry between his teeth he dressed. All in blue today he mused as he slipped into his oldest but also most comfortable robe. One more look in the mirror and then he went downstairs.
    One level below he sat down at his desk and started to sort his papers. But soon he felt bored and leaned back into his huge armchair, thinking again about the dream. Closing his eyes he started to play unconsciously with the tip of his nose and suddenly he knew.
    He knew what the voices had told him and with a jump he was up and almost running to the shelves of books which covered the walls of his study. Whispering to himself he scanned one shelf after another and finally found what he was looking for. The Legend of the Infinity Split. A rather obscure book written by an unknown scholar centuries ago. Quickly he garbbed a ladder and recovered the book from under a thick layer of dust. Holding the huge tome firmly in both hands he hurried back to the desk and with a wide swing of his arm he made some space for the book.
    With a muffled thud the book landed on the desk and TheArcWelder started to read. He skipped whole portions of the book, stopping here and there but finally finding his goal. Near to the end of the book a small song of the Infinity Split was written down. A song about the birth of the multiverse and the creation of all species. A song about the tragic infinity entity.
    Now more composed and careful he started all over. He spent hour for hour reading the tome and waved away all people coming to see him for this or that, he even ignored the food brought by his cook. The day had passed as ahd the night and in the morning of the next day TheArcWelder knew. He knew about the infinity split and the failure of all creatures. He knew the reason for life and death and the origin of the spirits. He knew the very source of magic and he knew the price for failing. He knew of order and chaos, of luck and death.
    He fell asleep over the book and once again he heard the voices, but this time they were clear and didn't withdraw when he started to listen closely. The voices danced around in his head and spoke to him.

    We have failed one time. Nearly we lost this bubble but now we have made a new choice. It of which we are part needs a champion, a guardian. You must be this guardian. The guardian of order and chaos, of luck and death.

    Of Luck and Death

    The choice was made. TheArcWelder slept through the rest of the day and awoke in the early morning of the next day. Still lying on his desk he first didn't knew where he was but quickly everything came back. An important revelation was experienced this night. Good and evil are within us and both must be recognized as what they are.
    We have the potential to become both, gods or devils, or to stay in between. Only the weak will draft in one of the directions while the strong, the truly sentient beings will define their place alone. This capability is it what elevates us over god or devil, over the infinity entity itself. Only this one trait defines our only duty, to choose and to decide about our place on our own. In this we are unique and we shouldn't we all strive to employ this unique power to the best of us all?
    And with unknown energy he stood up; there were things to do.

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  • PLAYER 15 - Greyhorn


    Behold, Spire! Great in her construction and anticipation, you behold what shall soon become the greatest city in all Shadowmoth. The Minotaurs who reside therein shall fight unto the death to prevent others from taking what rightfully belongs to them. Honor is her byword, and Might is her motto. The Law rules here that all who are worthy may rise to a position that truly befits their station. GONE are the days of the past where but might ruled rather than the true heart of those who simply had the greatest physical power. Why you ask? Does this mean that only the weak rule?! NO!
    I AM GREYHORN! The Rule of Might has passed away for I have defeated all others. Those who would restore the bloody days of old must first pass through ME! I am generous to my friends, honorable to strangers, and cunning with my enemies but those who would betray me BEWARE! Behold the skulls of those who have tried so in the past! Their deaths were most painful...more painful than you can imagine. Behold, I am Greyhorn, my word is my bond!"

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  • PLAYER 16 - Cloud

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  • PLAYER 17 - Vortos

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  • PLAYER 18 - Elrik the Pale

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  • PLAYER 19 - Fallon

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    Contact Fallon at

  • PLAYER 20 - Ikaras

    I was orphaned before my birth.
    My father was drugged and my 'mother' fled ere I saw my first day.
    While this may seem strange, it is so.  My 'father' was the great wizard
    Ashatath.  My 'mother' was his apprentice Ikaras.
    Ahh, I see you have heard of him.  Has he told you how he was rescued
    from slavery to become my father's apprentice?  Did he tell you of the
    "dark and foul magiks" Ashatath used?  I'm sure he told you how he
    gained his freedom from Ashatath and ran to hide among the elves where
    he finished his education in magik.  Now he is the defender of the
    The Light.  Ha.  There is no Light or Dark.  These are simply words to
    comfort the weak as the shelter from those they fear.  Let me tell you
    what really happened.
    The spells of Ashatath were drawing strength from Ikaras because they
    were borrowing from his essence to create me.  Ashatath knew that Ikaras
    could never truly master the arts being taught.  He was to weak with the
    imposed morals of society.  Therefore, he set about creating me, a twin
    to Ikaras, born of magik.
    After my birth, Ikaras would have been freed to follow his own path and
    I would have taken over the position of apprentice.  But after the last
    part of the spell had been cast, Ikaras somehow perceived a portion of
    the spell and fled, misunderstanding the true intent of our master.
    Alas our master is now gone.  After Ikaras fled, villagers came and
    seeing Ashatath unconcious, slew him.  They, like all their un-educated
    lot did not understand the work of my master / father and not
    understanding, feared him.  They even tried to destroy his tower, but at
    that moment, I came into the world.
    Ashatath's spell required time to acheive it's effect, but once cast was
    independent of my masters other actions and thought.  I do not know what
    effects accompanied my arrival, but the villagers fled in fear screaming
    of demons seeking revenge.
    Revenge was indeed taken.  I arrived with all the knowledge and memories
    of Ikaras up until the time the spell was completed.  Using that
    begining knowledge of magik and Ashatath's library, I rained fire down
    upon the villagers and scattered them to the winds.  Vengeance
    fulfilled, I buried my master and looked over my home.
    Several years were spent in peaceful study and experimentation.  I
    learned much from my father's library till it was destroyed.  The
    peasants and scattered alright, but they took with them stories of
    demons and treasure.  Adventures began showing up to "cleanse" my home.
    I was forced to recruite Orcs and their ken to defend myself.  One day a
    "Hero" came and killed all my guards.  He almost got me before I was
    able to escape through a secret passage.  From a distance, I watched him
    burn my home and all that I knew.
    Alone, I wandered the world.  My magik was still weak, but it helped me
    hide when needed.  In towns and villages, I was able to barter my talent
    for food and an occasional bed.  I learned to project my strength and
    power to guard against local bullies.  I learned to acquire what I
    needed to survive, no matter what it took to get it.
    Alas, the frieghtened peasants would have nothing to do with me and
    nearly killed me several times.  Finally I found myself in the
    underworld.  An Under Dwarf mining colony was being attacked by bandits
    and I decided to lend a hand.  When the battle was over, they thanked me
    and fed me very well.  I saw that these people were strong and knew we
    could work together.
    After ousting their city council, I undertook, to lead them.  A regular
    militia was raised and trained.  Order was imposed and this chaotic
    realm and together, we set about ensuring our future survival.  Light
    and Dark, Good and Evil.  These concepts have no meaning.  One must live
    and then they can talk philosophy.
    I also am Ikaras and I will fight to survive.  I welcome those others
    who acknowledge the true meaning of the universe ... survival over all.
    I seek others who are strong and know how to wield that strength.
    Together, our combined might will allow us to prevail.  Send your
    emissaries to me at 

    Contact Ikaras at

  • PLAYER 21 - Kitik K'eedKak

    As I gazed out upon the brightly lit festivities in the city of 
    Riansdale, I realized that the happy carefree ways of my people had 
    reached their end. Evil was abroad in the world and it would see the 
    peaceful and content Plainsmen only as moving target practice for the 
    weapons and unwilling subjects for gruesome magical experiments. I could 
    not allow this. The folk of the plains would have to alter their society, 
    becoming proficient in the arts of war and magic if they were to survive.
    I knew a moment's sadness as I envisioned smithys and mills where now the 
    wildlife of the region scampered and hunted, but, no matter. The 
    Plainsmen would become a force for stability and justice in Shadowmoth, 
    and woe to any who would seek to betray or undermine that sacred burden. 
    I realized, however, that however valiant or learned my tribes became, 
    they could not storm the camps of evil alone - they would need allies.
    My fledgling magical powers were taxed to the utmost as I quested the 
    night wind for an inkling of those allies who would stand by the 
    Plainsmen and sweep the vermin from the holy ground of Shadowmoth. A 
    thousand points of light in the sky assured me that there were indeed 
    those who would become "alderaani" - brothers in peace and struggle to 
    the Plainsmen. My thoughts quested towards them to impart the ways to 
    contact my shamanic self - the mystical gibberish incantation   it would mean nothing but fear to my 
    enemies in waiting, but to those who join the gathering storm which would 
    soon roll outwards from the would provide a means of contact...

    Contact Kitik K'eedKak at

  • PLAYER 22 - Sharkie

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    Contact Sharkie at

  • PLAYER 23 - Gromon

    Not much is currently known about the great Minotaur King Gromon.  Accounts
    from weary, near death, Minotaurs found far from thier homeland of Flashmar
    tell of a fearless warrior who single handledly overthrew 50 years of rule
    by less capable factions.  

    Contact Gromon at

  • PLAYER 24 - Haziriel

    I am Haziriel, dark elf wizard and proud to be so.
    Long ago my race split from the high elf race, because
    they were foolish not to see the power of dark magick.
    I am glad my race had taken the right choice and I am
    going to proove that. Although I am still willing to
    ally or cooperate with others, but my vengeance to the
    one who tries to fool me, will be severe.


    I am Kaeliar Blazarian, darkelf barbarian in heart and veins. Now that the first months have passed and the land has been divided first contact between the different wizards is being made. Of course the darkelfs are very near, but we have made several agreements among eachother so that everyone of them can be content with the current situation. There has been contact with other wizards too and that has led to some fruitful cooperation. There is even one high elf wizard with whom a good relationship is maintained. 
    In the second and third month I took over command from Haziriel, who had to fulfill a special quest. Now Haziriel is back again and is busy keeping up the relationships with other wizards and concentrating on some grimoires containing magick spells.
    I am glad I have to opportunity to leave the bureaucratic events of the capital of the realm of Blazar to explore strange and new worlds and boldly go where no one has gone before. I would like to have a good duel with another hero or challenge an adventure or a monster on my way to the borders of the empire.

    I am Lucior, the head of magick investigation at the high court of Haziriel at the capital of the realm of Blazar. To the right is not my birthday picture, but some very powerful demon, whose powers we might have to need for when we are going to cultivate the land of Shadowmoth and some stubborn wizard is trying to hold us back.
    But we have to take care of using this great powers. Therefore we are studying them thoroughly and when we understand them we still hesitate to use them if we have an opportunity to come to agreements.

    Contact Haziriel at

  • PLAYER 25 - Gerog the Mighty

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  • PLAYER 26 - Aardvark


    Hear this, hear this!gandalf.jpg (5373 bytes)

    Let it be known that I, Gandalf, was called upon to lead this Empire while their leader Aardvark is taking a well deserved vacation. Aardvark will be gone for a couple of months in GameTime (tm), exactly how many months is still a bit unsure since the months pass by rather slow. I'll do my best to develop this Empire to reach it's full potential, to that end I'm
    very interested in getting in touch with other Wizards so that we can exchange information and perhaps resources if our borders should meet.

    I've sent out scouts in all directions, so do not take it as an offence if our border patrols should run into yours, I'll try to avoid such situations if I can. We're always open to negotiations regarding borders, so please get in touch with us if you think our border forces might close in on eachother. All Wizards who have made agreements or contacted Aardvark in earlier turns should take contact with me so that no misunderstandings  arise.

    In the middle of the summer the empire was attacked by a vicious horde of Hobgoblins, the hero leading the attack on them was surprised by their large numbers and had no chance against them. He died in a valiant struggle to protect our Empire, and will be remembered for that. Already forces are moving out to retaliate his death, and regain control over the lost shires. The military forces was caught by surprise and many of them was also slaughtered, hence our military might is temporarily weakened. We do not wish to wage wars against other wizards, but we're ready to defend our self with all means.

    Gandalf, High Wizard Replacement for Aardvark

    To get in touch with me, use the Mystic Swirling Symbol (tm) below.

    Mystic Swirling E-mail Thingy

    Contact Aardvark at

  • PLAYER 27 - SilverBeard

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  • PLAYER 28 - Taurus

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  • PLAYER 29 - Alexi the Mad

       I remember when he first came to New Flashmar.  It was during the 
    final years of war with the Dreadlord.  He flew in upon the back of a 
    magnificent griffion, who is named SkyTalon we later learned.  Anyways, 
    we all thought he was another of the Dreadlords champions come to 
    exchange information with our current "overlord".  See as how we are 
    Dervish, and trade in anything, including information, I took it upon 
    myself to follow this stranger and find out what was going on, because 
    we all know that accurate information fetchs a very good price.  I came 
    across his path as he was heading towards the Bazzar.  He had the 
    movements of an experienced warrior, his piercing blue eyes took in 
    everything and he had two jeweled scimitars across his shoulders.  The 
    crowds moved out of his way, and he walked as if he knew this city well, 
    or instictively knew where he wanted to go.  It was not until he stopped 
    to admire some of our famous jewelry that I understood the crowds 
    reaction of fear towards this person.  Upon his right hand he wore a 
    purple glove with a silver fireball emblazoned upon it.  This was the 
    mark of only one man, the Witch Hunter Alexi, and he was here after 
    someone.  Words of his deeds had reached even us hear in the desert.  He 
    hunted any magical or super natural creature or being not for sport, but 
    to help thouse who were being terrorized by these things.  But who, or 
    what was he after??  That answer came soon enough...
       The Dreadlords champion and his bodyguard attempted to ambush Alexi 
    in one of the many dark alleys within our fair city.  Alexi's movements 
    were so fast, I never saw the small, hand sized crossbow emerge from 
    under his cloak, and neither had the bodyguard, until the bolt was 
    lodged in his skull.  That split second was all that the champion needed 
    to level his own crossbow at Alexi's back.
       Now, from my vantage point from behind the boxes, it seemed as if 
    Alexi was dead to rights.  But then that fool with the crossbow began to 
    gloat over how he was going to become even more famous for killing this 
    renowned Bounty Hunter.  It was during this time that I noticed Alexi 
    reaching into a pouch and pulling out a handfull of sand.  He then 
    quickly spun on his heel and quickly threw the sand, but what emerged 
    was a blinding, silvery, white light that enveloped this champion, who 
    was now screaming in pain and looking not very human at all but more 
    like a demon that the priests describe in their sermons.  Continuing is 
    spin in one fluid motion, he drew one of his swords and cleaved the head 
    of this thing clean off.
       Needless to say, news of this spread like wildfire through the city, 
    and all of us wondered what this ment for us.  Were we to be liberated 
    by this man or was he to be our next oppressor??  Later that night, he 
    addressed the growing crowds of the worried and concerned from upon the 
    Temple stairs.  He spoke softly at first, about our heritage and 
    history.  As he progressed, his voice began to boom while he talked 
    about what had happened to us and what we could achive.  By the end, we 
    were all cheering and while he stood there, radiating that silvery, 
    white light, I swear to you I saw the gods themselves not in approval!
       That night his banner was raized above our city, the silver fireball 
    upon a purple field, and we joined the battle against the Dreadlord.  He 
    spent those years raiding the slave caravans of the Dreadlord, setting 
    those he could free. 
       He was one man against an army, and many a time we thought he was 
    lost in battle.  But then we would see the now familiar glow and Alexi, 
    with a scimitar in each hand would become a whirling, Dervish of 
    Destruction.  It was after many battles like this, that many began to 
    call him Mad for his reckless abandon in battle.
       Now that the war with the Dreadlord is over, it is time for us to 
    reclaim our heritage and birthright.  We will once again be a proud and 
    noble race and Alexi will lead us there!
                               ---- From the diary of the Second Follower

    Contact Alexi the Mad at

  • PLAYER 30 - Kalic Dramadar

    I am Lord Dramadar, High Wizard and Supreme Ruler of Klazar. I 
    have fought and crushed those that have threatened me for 
    centuries and have not achieved my current station through 
    gullibility or lethargy.Therefore, if you seek to exploit myself or my 
    people, than you shall surely become my enemy.
    There is no place in our lands for fools or those blinded by their 
    feeble altruistic notions. If, however, you are wise and seek 
    intelligent discourse, then I bid you welcome in my lands.        

    Contact Kalic Dramadar at

  • PLAYER 31 - Kelderan Darkmoon

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  • PLAYER 32 - Elric the Red

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  • PLAYER 33 - Stargazer


    Greetings wizards of Shadowmoth,

    I, Lord Thunder, ruling Chief Elder of the Gnomes of Jungolimbols greet you,

    after you have read from the Chronicles of the Gnomes of Jungolimbols how I became the ruling Chief Elder of my people, I would like to invite you to come to our lands and seek the wisdom and friendship of the ancient Gnomes of Order.

    We guarantee free passage for messengers to bring us the words of kings from lands all over Shadowmoth. They shall receive what they deserve: food, shelter and an audience with the Chief Elders of Jungolimbols.

    We are peaceful people who seek the lands around us to ensure our people and our homelands are not intruded upon for our jungles are not to be disturbed by others than the Gnomes of Jungolimbols. We are fierce and are strong warriors and fight well on all terrain we should be encountered on, but have no wish for war unless war is brought to us.

    So I call for all wizards to let us know of each other and be clear of our claims. But beware, the Gnomes of Jungolimbols do not trust lightly. As an ancient proverb says, it is a gift that cannot be given but must be earned. We hope your people earn that gift and that we earn it from you.

    Lord Thunder
    Ruling Chief Elder of the Gnomes of Jungolimbols
    Chief Inventor of the Gnomes of Order
    Contact to:
      Excerpt from the Chronicles of the Gnomes of Jungolimbols:

    The Chief Inventor just finished his last inspection. The machine looked viable. Slowly, with a slight grin, he walked over to the controls. His servants had positioned the huge cauldron within the centre of the machine. The cauldron holding the very essence of his entire people. Gnome after gnome had given one drop of his or her blood to fill it. Now, the time had come.

    The Chief Inventor sighed a last time, looked up into the cloudy sky, and walked to the metallic chair at the northern end of the machine.

    Meanwhile the servants moved the statue into position. The statue showed a tall gnome prone to the ground, hands raised to dodge something from above. On a sign of the waiting Chief Elders a messenger left to tell the Weather Controllers to fire the rockets into the sky.

    The machine looked terrifying. A huge metallic thorne coming from the centre of an even larger metallic crown pointed through a hole in the ceiling towards the skies. The statue was positioned exactly below the thorne and above the cauldron. Cables running from the crown to the metallic chair at the northern end of the cave, with the Chief Inventor waiting for whatever to come, and from there to the cauldron in the centre and back to the crown.

    No one knew what would happen, but they would find out, well, they were gnomes, they had to.

    Some days earlier a secret cache was found holding instructions and a detailed map where to find the machine. No one would have given much importance to this, cause every other day relicts of earlier experiments or laboratories were found, if there hadn´t been the name of the creator, which electrified the surprised gnomes. It read, ´Thunder Noquietplaceinheaven´. The name of the ´Chief Inventor of the Gnomes of Order´ electrified the gnomes. Ancient books tell the story that Thunder Noquietplaceinheaven was a great inventor during the Golden Age and a specialist in the field of sonic phenomenons. Until he went to far one day. He created a huge sonic instrument which should have filled the skies with music of wonderful harmony. Well, no one exactly knows today what went wrong. As he started the machine, no tone was heard, but an enormous sonic shockwave made its way to the seven heavens. It is rumoured that some gods of order are still hard at hearing today. (Maybe that´s the reason why so many prayers aren´t heard !?,T.C.) That´s where the story ends, till now.

    With a gigantic thunder seven lightnings struck the thorne. The crown seemed to explode in a burst of light. Ozone filled the air. The Chief Elders could feal the immense energy within the little cave. Blinded and deafened they stumbled out of the cave. Some of them crying in panic. The waiting people in front of the cave looked towards the cave entrance both fascinated and frozen with terror. They hadn´t seen such a spectaculum for centuries.

    Time went on, but nothing happened. After the Chief Elders calmed down and their perception had returned, they were urged (with pikes,T.C.) to return to the cave and see what had happened. On entering the cave, they first saw the Chief Inventor, or more precisely what had been the Chief Inventor. His corpse was burned to a state where one could only guess what it had been that had been burned. Their second impression was a tall gnome standing in the centre of the cave. With a childish grin he said ´I´am back!´

    Talas Cannotwritewithouthands,
    Chief Elder and Historian of the Gnomes of Jungolimbols

    to be continued ...


    Contact Stargazer at

  • PLAYER 34 - Thiega

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  • PLAYER 35 - Jonny 5

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  • PLAYER 36 - Lord Merphun

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  • PLAYER 37 - Zoltan Van Hessling

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  • PLAYER 38 - Crom

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  • PLAYER 39 - Beormas

    We, the  Sand People, are the natives of Shadowmoth. We once ruled the
    whole planet. But then there came all those other races from other worlds and
    dimensions to Shadowmoth, some intending to settle here peacefully, some
    intending to conquer all that was ours.
    There was a long discussion among the Sand People on how to treat those
    Our prophecy told us about the things to come and promised us a new
    leader, who would also come from one of those strange worlds. He would help us in
    our search for new friends and guide us in our battle against the violent
    But as the strangers kept advancing and forced us back into small desert
    reservations, some of us lost the faith. A large group, lead by a young Sand
    Man called Turgeon, split from the tribe and moved to a different siech.
    Soon afterwards an old man appeared. He said he came from a different world
    called "The Elemental Islands", where he had been a great wizard and leader,
    but an experiment had gone wrong which had transported him through a
    dimensional rift towards this world. He had also lost all his power, though not all
    his knowledge. From his words we soon reckognized him to be Beormas, the
    messiah from our prophecy. We asked him to be our leader, and finally he
    accepted. He soon found new allies and we became founding members of the powerful
    Alliance of Light.
    When Turgeon saw how lucky we were and that we had a new leader, he grew
    jealous, for he wanted to be the only leader of the tribe. While pretending
    to be friendly and claiming that he wanted to return to the tribe, he
    secretly prepared an attack with the aim to kill Beormas and to subjugate the whole
    tribe. We were completely surprised by his treacherous attack and lost many
    battles, but then Beormas, using all his knowledge, started to prepare the
    counterstrike. Although our hearts are bleeding when we have to fight
    against our brothers we know that our only chance for survival is a united tribe.
    Therefore we are fighting on, hoping to bring this fratricidal war to an end
    soon. Only then the Prophecy can come to an end.

    Contact Beormas at

  • PLAYER 40 - Brothers of Darter

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  • PLAYER 41 - Mandrake of Wizards

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  • PLAYER 42 - Jocasta Demandria

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  • PLAYER 43 - JustOne


    Shadowmoth has suffered long under the Dreadlord. Cities and roads have been destroyed; harbors have been burned; merchants have feared to travel, lest they be assaulted by agents of the Dreadlord or the wild things that arose under his shadow. Any who challenged him were ruined.

    I am old. I have seen the mighty city-states and kingdoms fall. I have seen the great trade roads come under the shadow of the Dreadlord, becoming highways for his foul armies and lurking places for brigands and creatures that crept in the darkness. I have seen grand cities and harbors fall into decay.

    In this time, I have served my people, and those with whom we dealt. Most of my colleagues were ruined or slain during the time of the Dreadlord. Our great lands and seas, once traveled by all, have become wild places where only a few isolated cities remain. People who once were neighbors, though separated by a hundred leagues, have been isolated and grown closed and mistrustful.

    The Dreadlord is gone. The people of Shadowmoth can now rebuild their world. I believe that we can restore Shadowmoth to its past glory and more. I believe that the world can once more be active with industry, trade, and prosperity. I believe that the people of Shadowmoth want this to be.

    By the will of the folk of Port Harlington, I, Gehrizel, am Syndic of Harlington. My people have shown great faith and trust in me. I will repay that faith. I will repay that faith by bringing prosperity to Port Harlington. I will repay that faith by reuniting the Dervishes of Harlington with their kin across the land, across the seas, and, yes, across the great barrier to the world above. I will repay that faith by reaching out to those who share this world with us. I will repay that faith by devoting all that I am and all that I have to restoring the world of Shadowmoth to its glory.

    This, I promise the people of Port Harlington.

    Syndic of Harlington


    Contact JustOne at

  • PLAYER 44 - Beast Nardel

    Nardel the Uncreator
    Hail Mighty Ones.
    I am the one who was, the one who is and the one who will be, but you can call me Nardel. Until now I've dwelled on the edges of Shadowmoth learning to focus the use of spellcraft, but Last month I heard the Dark force calling me. My presence was required in the Minotaur capital of Grandfor. Their former leader had abondoned them and the huge but not so bright Minotaurs were confused and the organisation of the town fell into disorder. At the time help was most needed I arrived in town and proclaimed myself the new leader of the Minotaurs. After I told them what I plans I had in mind the town elders hesitated no longer and accepted me as New Leader of the Minotaur Empire. Quickly I began to organize my people, training some minotaurs to become strong and decent warriors and sending others away to get resources to build immense buildings. My generals have been ordered to move forward into new territory as well.
    My future plans
    I want my troops to bring back at least 3 tons of blood every month for the purpose of sacrificial rites. With the strength the blood gives me I intend to become the most powerful wizard of Shadowmoth very soon. My expansion will continue until I and all who wish to join me have got rid of all opposing armies. I'm looking forward to contact the other wizards in Shadowmoth, and I hope most of them follow the path of evil as I do. To all wizards who still haven't made their choice I would advise to head for the darkness as well. You'd better decide quick before someone stands at your gate to invade your town. May the light never shine again. Hail to the Dark one.

    The City of Grandfor

    This old minotaur city is situated in a well defended valley between two tall mountains. There's not much known about the origins of this ancient place as it already existed when Minotaurs started to write. Even in the most ancient Minotaur writings there are stories about Grandfor. The city council can also proudly tell you that Grandfor hasn't fallen into enemy hands for the last centuries. There has been no need to defend to town for a long time, because most of the surrounding races don't even think of attacking the Minotaur stronghold. With the coming of Nardel the Uncreator Grandfor will grow rapidly. Many new buildings arise between the houses of the ever increasing population.

    You can visit our town and meet the great Nardel

    Contact Beast Nardel at

  • PLAYER 45 - Sauramon

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  • PLAYER 46 - Goober

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  • PLAYER 47 - Prince Ali Akram

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  • PLAYER 48 - Mordeth

    game 12 BLURB  
    The High Elves are one of the most ancient and noble races on the face of any world. Long flowing blond hair, sharp facial features and a slight build are the characteristics that make this race stand apart. The architecture of the elven cities is something many a traveller has journeyed to see in safer times. But now that troubled times approach, the cities will be seen as defensive stronghold rather than cities of great aesthetics.

    FINILAS - The enchanted Forest of Finilas stands out like of jewel from the putrid swamp surrounds. The High Elves that populate Finilas are often referred to as the Moon Elves. Their pale skin and sparkling eyes remind many of the night sky. The Elves worship the moon gods and treat the nearby Inland Moon Lakes as a holy site. Continual war with the bitter Billak Orcs hasn't tainted the purity of these people in any way. They remain a strong race that will hold out against evil, no matter the odds.

    My name is Mordeth. I am the First of the Ruling Circle of the Moon Elves, Watcher over the beautiful garden in Finilas. I welcome all the ugly races on Shadowmoth!

    It is my policy that every race has its creator chosen place among all the other races. We Elves stand at the top of all the other races, because we are the only good race on Shadowmoth. Our purpose on this World is to bring peace to all the other neutral and evil races, so that all can prosper and live under my great and wise Rulership. I am the only one who has the Knowledge of the Ancients (see story below). That is my legalization to rule. 
    We Moon Elves love nature and live in harmony with it. To care and look after the trees that surround the Moon Lakes in our beautiful garden forces our hearts to beat faster. To see how they climb to new highnesses of beauty and strongness (after we cut down a branch or two) brings us the joy we are looking for. Our Moontrees are unique on Shadowmoth. They are watered with the liquid of the fabled Moon Lakes. Thus the leaves always shine in a pale white light, so that the darkness loving EVIL is repelled even during nighttime! 
    My people are nevertheless peaceful until we are threatend by adanger from any outside realm, if so we are able, willed and equipped to fight for the glory of the Moon Elves and, of course, for the glory of our allies. Kings of the realms, beware, accept our borders or you wont be in the situation to accept anything anymore.
    High Elves hate killing, but if need be we most certainly will kill: those who oppose us. Ill trees have to be chopped down, so that the forest can flourish. Thus it is logically that the EVIL on Shadowmoth has to be vaporized. But if there is only one spark of goodness left in your race, you do not have to fear us. Most races can be brought to the GOOD path! 

    So I extend the hand of friendship and invite all other races to prosper in and around my beautiful and strong Garden!

    Incoming messages will be answered by my embassy:

    To establish a easier and faster way to first contact between our races my embassy was busy and recruited several pigeon carriers. These pigeons will fly directly to our capital city Finilas where they will be taken straightaway to our ruler Mordeth.

    It is now possible to visit to our lovely city of Finilas. Our magicians were busy during the last few months, but now the great crystalline portals are build! You only have to travel through the knots of the magical net that surrounds this beautiful planet, enter the portals and enjoy the warm welcome we High Elves will give!

    Visit the Home of the Finilas High Elves


    Take your minds back to the old days, the days of the Dreaded One, the so called DREADLORD and the Ancients. Before I was even born, the Dreaded One decided on a plan, that few ever know about, even today. The DREADLORD decided that he would have one of each race, of every city on Shadowmoth. The taken were to become his Dread Children.  The Dread Children were to be a link between all the people, the cities, the races, and the DREADLORD himself. So he decided to take pregnant women of each city to him. The women were chosen according to certain traits, some of these traits were: class, rank, culture, background and certain genetic traits. Some of the genetic traits were: strenth, honor, intellect, integrity, beauty, and other such traits. My mother was one of those chosen. And when we were born, we were to be brought to the Dreaded One, to be raised by him, to be his children, his Dread Children.  After I and the others were born, our parents were killed. So I knew my home city, but nothing else. I have no memory of my parents, or anything else exept that. I know what city I belong to because we were told, so that we could be linked to our city later. After many years, I learned everything I was told, but I never followed the Dreaded One. So when I became a teenager, I was to be killed. But before the DREADLORD could cut off my head, I was able to flee with a few belongings. My belongings were my cloths, and a few other things I took with me. I then went to the Ground plain and I returned to my home city and learned the true ways of my people, my city and my race. Finally the Dread Gaurd, the Dreaded One's personal army, found me. But again I was able to escape to other lands. I learned the ways of the people, the cities, and the races of other lands. I then went to the Underground plain and the Astral Plain and learned everything there was to learn. Especially I learned of a rebelion against the Dreaded One, and I decided to help in my own way. I returned to the DREADLORD's citadel, the Dreaded One's home. And I watched the other Dread Children, saw what they saw and learned what they learned until I found a flaw in the Dreaded One's teachings. I used this flaw to help myself. I started to talk to the other Dread Children, and told them of their people, their cities and their races. After a few years, when we decided it was time, we killed the Dread Gaurd and the other armies of the Dreaded One. When only he remained, we attacked him too. After many long days of battle, the 'Day of Joy' finally came, we destroyed the DREADLORD. But only one of each race was still alive. I saw that I was the only remaining High Elf Dread Child, and I was sorry. The Rest of us destroyed the Dreaded One's citidel and we left that place. We left the Astral plain and its remaining Dread Children just outside their cities, and went on to the Ground plain where we did the same. I then took the few remaining Dread Children to their cities in the Underground plain. I then returned to my own home city, and heard that all the others of the Dread Children had been killed, said to be traitors for following the Dreaded One. They did not even know that we killed the Dreaded One. After finding out what they had done, they begged for forgiving from me and their gods. When I returned to my home city, I was proclaimed leader. 

    That is how I became the High Lord Mordeth, First of the Ruling Circle of all Elves, Watcher over the Garden. And now here I sit telling you my story, realizing I am the only Dread Child left. Realizing that I and my race are the only ones who have the knowledge of the Ancients. The only ones with the Knowledge to rule!



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  • PLAYER 49 - Keroppi

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  • PLAYER 50 - Raven

    Greetings fellow wizards  Gork

    My name is Raven, mighty orc shaman of Garaslint. First I shall tell you something of my people. My servants are orcs. They are brutal, savage and always willing to fight, which is sometimes even a problem. They are even stupid enough to fight among themselves. Furthermore I'd like to say that everyone who stands in my way and opposes me will be punished severe, even if it results in my own dead. I'd also like to say that everyone who helps me will be rewarded with great fame among my people. If anyone thinks the same way as I do he can contact me. Please inform your messengers that Orcs only understand Orcish words.

    Now I shall tell a great Orcish myth which has something to do with this brave orc above.
    .... Once upon a time there were only a few small orc tribes, usually existing of 10 or 12 brave orcs.
    They didn't know each other. They thought they were the only living thinking beings on Shadowmoth, which is of course a stupid thought, because Elves and men already flourished for many a century. They isolated them, because the wisest of Elves and Men had felt a great savageness in them. They stayed alive by eating raw fish and meat, usually sheep, because there were always lots of sheep around. They kept this status for a long time, until a orc rose. His name was Gork and he said he was protected by some strange magical power. He brought the Orcs together and became their trusty leader, the one which Orcs always lacked, even nowadays. He told the orcs of their brutal power. Soon he had attracted  so much Orcs that he begun his struggle through the barren and unexplored country. The Orcs met very strange people, with even more strange languages. They called themselves Dwarves and were not very kind to them
    This ended up in a big fight between Orcs and Dwarves. The Orcs had more numbers, but the dwarves were especially well-trained and carried weights of armour. Gork was killed in the battle, because he had been stuck by an axe. Afterwards the Orcs were never scattered around the world as before, but they settled themselves in the steaming swamps of Shadomoth. Many Orcs now consider Gork as their god, the god of magic which freed them. One of these settlements is called Garaslint and Raven is their master......

    I hope you all understand were we, Orcs, are fighting for. We want to avange the ones who has done us great pain.


    Now I shall read some pieces of the chronicles of Garaslint aloud.

            from Bolrog, orc scribe of garaslint         from Morglad, orc warrior of  Garaslint      from Ranax, orc philosopher of Garaslint       1) It breaths, it's green and it's madly insane --> run for your life
          2) It is something else --> you can talk to it
          from Geraldi, a human explorer in the town of Garaslint       from Zirian, a messenger from the mighty high elf lord Mordeth at the gates of Garaslint
          from Rakar, an orc explorer who travelled to the underworld far away from Garaslint

    I hope you now know more about me, my people and my city. I hope that all other Orcs on this world send a messenger to Garaslint. They will be treated as guests of honor. I will be grateful to those who help me and I will be full of hatred to those who oppose me.


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  • PLAYER 51 - Thain Goldfine

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