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  • PLAYER 1 - Tyranthraxus

    by Matthew James Brooks

    I walk on water in the winter
    like a Part-Time Jesus
    with nothing to preach
    except pity for the world
    and sorrow, sorrow, sorrow
    for those to follow.
    Beneath me, the crystalline water
    blows notes on a broken bottle
    playing the sad, sad song
    of Nature's misery.

    Fire and Ice
    by Robert Frost

    Some say the world will end in fire,
    Some say in ice.
    From what I've tasted of desire
    I hold with those who favor fire.
    But if it had to perish twice,
    I think I know enough of hate
    To say that for destruction ice
    Is also great
    And would suffice

    For many years our "cousins" on this world have made trouble for us in Trigolde and our brothers in Keina. But now they have gone too far! It's not enough they have this strange sect- now they have planes to conquer the world and disseminate their heathen beliefs.

    I, Lord Tyranthraxus of Trigolde and Lord Alodar the Apprentice of Keina have together decided that this can't be allowed to continue. Together we will stop our barbarian cousins and once again reinstate the true faith in Fradle and Röle, which are the haunts of sin.

    But now their dark forces have spread even our own regions. A spy! in the palace!! How could he betray his Lord and his family for this this ... God!?!? He will pay dearly for his traitor. But he managed to expose our magnificent plane to the unfaithful so we must start our planes now without the preparation we need.

    Our brave scouts have sent message that our enemy became scared when they heard about theirs rishes our plans and started attacked neighbour to take theirs wealth

    Are they completely lost?

    Evan theirs Holy Book tells them that they should let the weak people live in peace. How are these weak people going to be able to defend themselves? Even against Fradle's and Röle's undisciplined and poor armed troops they've no chance. This news has spread like a wildfire across the world. To be able to defend their self our neighbours asked us to help them,

    How can we say no?

    This will decrease our resource substantially for an attack against renegades, is it impossible for two such just men as me and Alodar the Apprentice to say no.

    Already are parts of our proud army on the way to help our neighbour to build their defence. With our superior arms and tactics, the unfaithful will have no chance. With our wealth's we will build armies more powerful than ever beheld before, and our great magicians will research new great spells.

    Together will Lord Alodar the Apprentice of Keina and I, Lord Tyranthraxus of Trigolde, crush the progeny of the dark in Fradle and Röle.

    Lord Tyranthraxus

    Wizard of Trigolde

    Welcome to Lord Tyranthraxus of Trigolde

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  • PLAYER 2 - Greyhawk

    Greyhawk looked around in beaming approval.  Everything was going so
    well! The hall was magnificent; the food smelled superb; the marriage
    ceremony had gone off without a hitch.
    There was a tug on his arm.  He turned to face the irritated visage of
    his chief advisor and sage, Patrias.  Surely even Patrias could find
    SOMETHING pleasant to say on this of all days.....the day of peace
    between all the iceland realms.  Greyhawk tried another smile,
    "Stop grinning like a vacant halfwit" hissed Patrias.  "They already
    suspect you're a complete moron; why must you continually insist on
    proving them right?"
    The smile quivered and died away.  "You really are the grumpiest man I
    have ever had the misfortune to meet, Patrias.  Why can't you enter into
    the spirit of it all?"
    "Bah!!" said Patrias.  "I'll be happy when the first child is born and
    not before!  That is what consumates the treaty; not all this
    ........crap" he said, rolling the word off his tongue with relish. 
    "Only then will I cease worrying that you will manage to think of some
    new and ingenious method to ruin five years of negotiation."
    "What are you talking about" said Greyhawk, slightly miffed.  "If it
    wasn't for me, there wouldn't be any peace.  After all, I couldn't see
    the Trigolde princess wanting to marry an old fart like you".  Greyhawk
    paused for a moment to laugh at his own cleverness. 
    Patrias rolled his eyes.   "Whatever my lord.  Doubtless you make a fine
    show-pony.  Just do your job and get her pregnant."
    " problem with that, my problem at all. 
    And....speaking of my lovely bride, here she is.  Darling!   Darling!! 
    Come here, my dear.....I have a new magic trick to show you..."
    Patrias blinked to attention.  "Magic trick?  What trick?  You didn't
    mention anything to me about any magic!"
    Greyhawk beamed contentedly "It's no problem Patrias!  I did ALL the
    homework you set me.  Any child could do it."
    "But you're not a child!" said Patrias acidly.  "You're far worse than
    "Oh come'll be fine.
    The fair Valona, princess of Trigolde and now the new Queen of Fralde,
    approached Greyhawk and Patrias, trailing a retinue of admirers and
    hangers-on.  About as empty headed as Greyhawk, in Patrias' opinion, she
    was undeniably incredibly beautiful.  The apple of her fathers eye, the
    marriage between her and Greyhawk and consequent expected production of
    children from both houses, was the key to the negotiated settlement of
    over 200 years of inter-racial conflict.
    "What is it, my honey-bundle" she said sweetly.  Greyhawk smiled back,
    completely infatuated.
    "My little beautiful sweet-cheeks....I have a little
    treatie-poo for you...."
    "Oh pooooo!  I've had enough of treaties!  Can't anyone talk about
    anything other than treaties and killing people and stuff?"
    Greyhawk looked hurt momentarily, then caught her meaning.  "Oh no,
    sweet-cheeks!  Not "treaties".  A "treat"!  I have some magic!  A new
    spell - Patrias here just taught it to me"
    "Don't blame me!" said Patrias, thoroughly alarmed.  "I was made to do
    it against my better judgement!".  'Still', he thought, 'I've only
    taught him a few cantrips.  Just how much harm can he do?'
    "This is a flying spell".  
    Gasps of admiration spread through the crowd, Valona gasped excitedly
    and clapped her hands in approval.  "I'll be just like the little
    birdies" she gushed.  
    Patrias stiffened in puzzled unease.  He inclined his head to Greyhawk's
    ear.  "My lord.......I don't recall
    actually...ermmm.....teaching you that spell.  Are you sure?"
    "Of course I'm sure Patrias.  And you did teach was in the
    homework reading last week" said Greyhawk brightly.  " we go".
    Greyhawk began gesturing wildly and chanting sonorously, focusing his
    gaze on Valona.  A few feet away Patrias wracked his brains
    feverishly.....a flying spell?  Where on earth could Greyhawk have seen
    a flying spell?  The only reading he had prescribed was..............
    Greyhawk reached the climax of his spell.  His arm shot out.  His finger
    pointed straight at Valona.  The crowd held its breath.  A yellow beam
    extended from Greyhawk's finger to Valona's impressive bosom.
    "HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!" shouted Patrias.
    Valona turned a lovely shade of golden brown.  Her clothes went black
    and fell off.  Her body thumped to the ballroom floor, steaming
    Greyhawk looked a picture of incomprehension.  "But I did it all
    right...even though that was my first time.  I wanted to keep it as a
    surprise for sweet-cheeks..."
    Patrias sank to his knees, appalled beyond conscious thought.  With an
    effort he roused himself to speak.
    "!!!!!!!!  That wasn't a FLYING spell
    you learned last week"  He slapped his forehead.  "You always did have
    trouble telling your l's from your r's!!"
    One of the Trigolde and Kelna ambassadors stepped forward, an expression
    of faint concern evident.  "My Lord Greyhawk...we are enjoying the magic
    of course, but tell what stage does the Princess Valona start
    flying? what stage does she cease to look like....that?  Was
    that strictly necessary for the spell?"
    Greyhawk considered the man; a noted former gneral in Trigolde's army
    and even now twice Greyhawk's size and impressively muscled.  A bead of
    sweat formed on Greyhawk's nose, dripping conspicuously to the ballroom
    " appears that there may have
    been....ahem......a sort of, well, MISTAKE."
    The general looked once in incredulous disgust at Greyhawk, once at
    Princess Valona, medium rare, and erupted into a blur of action, arms
    and legs pumping furiously as he headed straight for Greyhawk with a
    speed that Greyhawk would not have given him credit for.
    "Eeek!" said Greyhawk.  "Save me!"
    "RAAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!"  said the general, not slowing down in the
    The entire hall erupted into a frenzy as Trigolde and Kelna guests
    screamed, fought, yelled, cursed, threw things or did nothing as the
    mood took them, generally speaking a mixture of all of the above.  it
    took close on half an hour before Greyhawk's fifty icelander militia
    could bring things under control.
    "WELL, FOOL" snarled the Trigolde ambassador with withering contempt. 
    "Have you got anything to say for yourself before we return to our
    masters and tell them that your living entrails deserve to be staked out
    over an anthill?"
    "Ermmmmm......umm......well.....I don't suppose you have any MORE
    princesses you could spare" said Greyhawk hopefully, holding a
    protective hand over his broken nose.  "Just one would do....I PROMISE
    I'd be more careful this time...."
    The enraged ambassador tried once more to reach Greyhawk, but was held
    back by several guards.  Spitting and swearing, he was unceremoniously
    dumped outside, followed by the remainder of the Trigolde and Kelna
    "Oh dear" said Greyhawk.  "He wasn't very happy with me, I'm afraid."
    He turned to Patrias.  "I need your advice, I think.  I'm concerned that
    what just happened may not be well received back in Trigolde."
    Patrias stared at Greyhawk alternating between a glassy-eyed expression
    of helpless frustration and black hatred.  Greyhawk continued on
    "Do you think the war is still cancelled?"

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  • PLAYER 3 - Belgarath

    No Blurb Submitted As Yet.

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  • PLAYER 4 - Alodar the Apprentice

    [*sigh* Here I go again it seems... And this time I have an even stronger
     feeling of deja vu than usual - which IS unusual, since being stuck in an
     endless loop of 'clone self' spells makes deja vu feel like an almost normal
     experience like grooming one's tail - HEY!! I am not supposed to have a tail,
     am I ?? Better check at once - what a relief, I don't... But where DID that
     thought come from - this world seems strange indeed, and still quite familiar
     in an odd sort of way...]
    -Pardon me, sir, but are you Alodar the Apprentice?
    -Yes, I am! (Or at least a clone of a clone of his clone...)
    -Excellent - I have urgent news from wizard Tyranthraxus!
    -Tyrannosaurus?? This deja vu feeling gets eerier and eerier - I have heard
     that name before, and it was NOT related to prehistoric earth if I (or my
     previous clone?) remember correctly...
    -Pardon me, sir?? I didn't understand half of what you were saying, but
     wizard Tyranthraxus would like to meet you for an urgent discussion!
    -Ah, a wizard! So at least this is not a world without magic, then?
    -No sir, but please come with me sir, we have an emergency here, and wizard
     Tyranthraxus needs to talk to you immediately!
    [OK, I'd better get an urgent update of this world ASAP anyway, or my deja vu
     feeling is going to drive me nuts with curiosity... Hah, as if I weren't nuts
     enough already - being the n:th clone of the nuttiest wizard ever to live on
     my homeworld *grumble*]
    -Hi Alodar, nice to meet you again! Fate has once again brought us together
     on this island to save this world from the heathens of the north!
    -Nice to meet you, Tyrantraxix, but I am a little confused... You say we have
     met earlier on this world, and your name (your appearance, as well as the
     appearance of this whole world) seems eerily familiar, like a deja vu feeling
     squared, but I still don't remember any details... ?! Presumably you didn't
     meet me, but another of my clones [triply squared cursed be the original
     Alodar for not being able to keep his fingers away from the 'clone self' spell
     *growl*] so could you please fill me in on this world's situation - and the
     dealings with the other Alodar ASAP!
    -Sorry, Tyrannofix, that means the same as 'on the double'...
    -On the double??
    [Grmph... Wizards stuck on only one world are sometimes so... limited in their
    -Immediately, at once, NOW, Thorax!
    -The name is TYRANTHRAXUS, Alodar! Try to remember that! OK, listen here...
     We are having trouble with our superstitious neighbours in the north, the
     people of Fralde and Röle, and now they are amassing forces against us, led by
     two skillful mages - too bad they too succumbed to the strange superstitions
     of the northern folks! Us being peaceful traders, we'd much rather trade goods
     than Gods with them, but as long as they hold on to their strange beliefs
     this island is definitely not big enough for all four of us. And the worst
     thing is, we just recently discovered they have had a spy in our palace for
     quite some time... Fortunately, I learned a mind reading spell when I was an
     exchange student on a strange world called Loreana or something, so once he
     was brought before me for interrogation I was able to find out quite a lot
     about their plans - and I didn't even have to apply physical 'persuasion'
     to make him reveal all what he thought. *Sigh* Well, all spells have their
     drawbacks - if they're too easy they ain't even fun to use... But for a
     starter, they intend to....
    [Three hours later]
    -Thank you for the briefing, Thor... er, Tyranthraxus! I do have a certain
     difficulty remembering names - after all, me and my clones have been on so
     many worlds that we hardly even remember the names of the worlds! So, no
     offence intended, Thor... Trax... er, ahem, no offence intended, pal!
     OK let's go to work then - thanks to your briefing I now remember much more
     of this world, and the deja vu feeling is back to almost normal levels again!
    -Good bye for now, Alodar, and good luck!
    [A clone of a clone of a clone with a memory problem? Hmm, this new version
     seems even crazier than the previous one - but he WAS a quite competent
     wizard despite his strange appearance and even stranger manners... After all,
     we did save the world! Hey WAIT - if we did save the world, what are we doing
     here AGAIN? And now when I think of it - didn't we defend the religious faith
     from the heathens of the south then?? So did we help the wrong side the last
     time, and now have to set it right, or what? Darn - now his craziness begins
     to infect me too... I'd better stop thinking and start spelling again, that is
     defiantly more benefacial to my mentol helth - and I do need to brush up on
     some of my spelling anyway, it seems...]
    -God bye pal! And don't you worry, we'll save this world - also! BTW do you
     think the teleport spell from my homeworld works here too, I'm sort of in a..
    -Alodar, NOO! [Arrghh, too late, last time he landed in a latrine heap! Wonder
     where he'll end up now...]
    -... hurry to get started ***WHOOSH***
    -Hey it WORKS! I seem to have landed exactly in my study chair in my study
     chamber in the magic college of Kelna... Wow, it even has my name engraved on
     a plate - that is really a kind gesture from the staff - what does it say...
     "Greyhawk - the greytest wizard in the world" - HOLY COW! (Or unholy cow, I
     should probably say, given the fact that we southerners don't believe in that
     religious holiness gibberish...) I am in the right place but in the wrong city
     - grr... OK, I'd better try to get out of here without being noticed - better
     use the 'sneaky teleport' spell this time ***KA-BLAM! BOOM!! CRASH!!!***
    ['Sneaky teleport' - my... ahem, tail! So much for homeworld magic on foreign
     worlds! Wait, what did I say? My TAIL?? {looking anxiously} Very definitely
     *UN*HOLY COW!!! How on earth (ahem, Shrelna) did I grow a tail?? These worlds
     are getting more and more surreal with each and every cloning... Whoever has
     heard of an icelander mage with a tail before *grumble* Oh, HOLY SH*T FROM A
     HOLY COW!!! I should never use spells without putting my glasses on first - it
     seems I didn't use a 'sneaky teleport' spell but 'sneak a tail through the
     port' spell! And they don't even have customs on this world *sob*]
    {42 minutes of elaborate - OK, to be perfectly honest with you, some of it not
     quite so elegant and elaborated as it should be - cursing and swearing later}
    -Ahh, here is the library - looks tailormade for my needs, except *OUCH!* I
     must remember to close the door AFTER I have pulled my tail through... But
     apart from that, having a tail doesn't seem too bad - it helps me keep the
     balance, and on occasion it seems almost practical - I can scratch my head
     without taking my hands off the book.. Surreal realms - or surrealms *chuckle*
     aren't totally bad all the time, I daresay! Now where do I start - well, this
     title looks promising:
     "A Short Introduction to the Foundations of Magick in the Lands of Shrelna".
     Good! I like them short and snappy - wait, what says the fine print...
     "Volume I - to eventually end with Volume LIX"...
    [*sigh* Well, I'd better get started then - now where did I put my glasses...
     Hey wait! There is something strange with my deja vu feeling again - shouldn't
     it end with another volume?? ... No, even with my glasses on this definitely
     ends with Volume LIX, so I figure it must be the correct ending for this

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