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News Heading.


This is the game news page. Any player wishing to submit a news article may do so. Rewards are given for each article depending on its quality.

The news moderator for this game is Jeff Braunstein. They can be contacted if you feel there any problems regarding the news below.
The moderator can be contacted at

The raid on Dierdriu's coastline was a disaster! Nearly 
all the troops, upon first sight of the voluptuous
Amazons, instantly deserted and became husbands/slaves.
Every man's dream? Anyway, Archimedes ordered a halt to
the invasion. "Besides, the extra troops are needed to
die, um, uh, fight! closer to home." 

Word has reached Galifil that a bunch of Amazon blondes 
are sailing toward the coast in some large yachts. 
You can imagine what this is doing to Elvish morale!

"Okay! That's it - no more magic to research!" the lead
apprentice was heard to tell Archimedes. "That's it!!!???
Couldn't you research a 'DO ANYTHING YOU WANT SPELL' or
something like that? Dang! I'll have to fall back onto 
Plan B." (See Below)

Nardel's tactics continue to out-maneuver and out-guess
the Elvish captains. The idea of using dogs to fight
bone dragons was a fiasco. It was the bone dragons that
ate the dogs - and everything else. Hmmm... Maybe when
the Pyramid of Power is completed... 

Other conflicts had mixed results. A large (Nardel)
Gnomish force has been quickly established near the
Galifil border in Bafsma. They continue to grow in
numbers of large quality troops. Meanwhile, Elvish
recruitment continues with peasants lined up to receive
large pointed sticks guaranteed to kill an unarmed 
and sleeping opponent. "Remember, the Minotaurs are
nothing more than a bunch of bull - or a bunch of
Minotaurs are bullies - or something like that", Archimedes
was quoted as saying. (There still is an opening for
a speech writer in Galifil)

It is believed that there are no more heroes in the world.
Even after sponsoring THE MOST EXPENSIVE TOURNAMENT last
month, the winner turned out to be a Halfling with a
sling named David. Most people were betting on the Storm
giant, Goliath. The story has quickly spread across the
world of the outcome. David turned down the offer after 
winning. Great! That leaves us without a hero this month...

Meanwhile, secretly, the Elves have come up with the idea
of releasing the actual DREADLORD from his captivity. The
only Elf with an IQ over 100 was nominated. The idea is
that the Dreadlord will be so grateful that he'll grant us
three wishes. Guess which 3! 

As of the time of this printing, White, the Bishop, was seen
at the Wizard's Pyramid where the dreaded Dreadlord is
imprisoned. "Open Sesame!", he screamed at the large, magically
locked doors. A loud "kathunk" and a slow creak of the doors...

(Continued next week at this same time and same channel)


darkelf unison



Rumors are spread our enemies are willing to surrender to our impressive forces. No confirmation has been received however, so next month some new battles will be fought without any mercy. Only when we will hear officially of the withdrawal of Arcwelder, Mordeth and Archimedes from the world of Shadowmoth we will accepts the offer. But time will tell them fate is inevitable.
In a few months Kalic Dramadar will conquer the capital of Mordeth. Already this month Stargazer will be conquered. Also, the two small wizards will be taken care of easily. Then, only Archimedes and Arcwelder will be left. Archimedes will be wiped away very soon which makes the task for Arcwelder, of protecting his own empire even more difficult. We wish him the best of luck, however even that won't help him.

   February issue   The Blazar
  31 brass pennies
Introducing heroes of Blazar by: Karl Stadt
Your name, Will be published in this newspaper, when you subscribe as a hero for the darkelf unison. the darkelf unison offers a lot of possibilties for a promising career. Who don't want to be commander in the strongest army of Shadowmoth? Smallest armies consist of 1000 men. Good reward is assured as well.
Vylane Agrivane's hunger to avenge the death of her brother is still not satisfied. She told Haziriel her hunger will only be stilled when all the heads of the leaders of the enemies will decorate the walls of their masters. Only then will I find rest she said.
Lucior Diablian will invade the last standing city of Mordeth in the south of Mooncrest. When Mordeth's men have been removed from the coast, and Stargazer will be vanquished by our ally Dierdriu the south coast of Mooncrest will be at peace again. Only Mordeth remains in the north, Arcwelder in the centre and Archimedes in the west.
Banner of The Darkelf Unison
Blazar - the state of affairsby: Joop de Wesselander
Haziriels tower in Blazar
  • Wintertime is causing lower food production. In the times when we only got underworld lands, it was hardly possible to produce other resources in wintertime, but now, after the conquest of new fertile grasslands and plains and with the help of our allies Raven, who uses his magick to increase our food production and Greyhorn with whom we are having a fine trade agreement, food stock is even increasing!

  • Monsters A group of huge animals have been spotted near the high capitsal Blazar. The beast are composed of dead bones and loose flesh and are not very pretty to look at. The were recomposed with the use of strong magick and are said to be ancient creatures, who used to live in the Mandilin caves. The creatures will be a welcome addition to our armies.
    Magick Haziriel has ordered a new group of magick researchers is to be recruited. It seems Arclwerder still has some advantage on the field of magick, but that will be done with very fast.
    Also, Haziriel is going to create another kind of magical beast who will help in the fight as well.

Trade with the darkelves of Blazar

1) What product(s) do you have on offer?


2) What product(s) would you like in return?


3) With which wizard do I have the honour to trade?

4) And the player number


by: Hydarcus Morian
Alive without breath
Alive without breath;
as cold as death;
never thirsting, ever drinking;
clad in mail, never clinking.
Drowns on dry land,
thinks an island
is a mountain;
thinks a fountain
is a puff of air.
So sleek, so fair!
What a joy to meet!
We only wish
to catch a fish,
so juicy-sweet!
There's more to learn from an enemy than from a friend.
Visit the world of Blazar or watch old issues of The Blazar Intermediary

Dierdriu diary, month 36.  


The dance around the mountains with Arcwelder continues. It is becoming boring. The moment we think we will encounter his army, we find only the remnants he left.
Due to the obstinance of Lord of Flies, our army didn't attacked Stargazer. But the other heroes didn't knew this disobedience and attacked... And were slaugthered.
Most of the troops of Arhcimedes were driven back, and were drowned in the ocean. Only one did make it more inland, but will encounter now great resistence.
Meanwhile, the preparation of a grand fleet is continuing. The first groups of scouts were send out, and did encounter some vessels, but they were no match for their combined strength.


The last research is due this month.

Heroes, Mercenaries and Trade

Only one caravan showed up. But they had just the goods we hadn't produced ourself. Everything was bought.


A 1000 man will strengthen our army, to replace the losses we will enevitably have with the battle in Stargazers capital.
Our fleet will expand, and will almost double this turn.

You can find Dierdriu's homepage at

It is now up to date again till turn 26.

News Guidlines.

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